how to get landlord gas safety certificate

Renting a property without a landlord gas safety certificate is against the law. An owner’s gas safety certificate is a legal requirement showing that your gas equipment has been inspected by a qualified gas safety engineer within the last twelve months. It is an important part of your legal responsibilities to provide a safe environment for your tenants.
Here’s what it includes why you need it and how to find a qualified engineer.

About Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

As a landlord, you have certain legal obligations to your tenant, but providing a landlord gas safety certificate is probably the most important. This is proof that the chimneys, appliances and all related fittings have been inspected by a qualified gas safety engineer within the last 12 months.

CORGI Proforma landlord gas safety certificate

It was also known as CORGI Proforma or CP12 երից when CORGI was responsible for ensuring the safety of all proprietary gas appliances. Since 2009 the responsibility has been included in the Gas Safety Register, which contains the official list of gas engineers legally authorized to work on gas appliances in the UK. They are the only people authorized to carry out their inspections: you will find a list of qualified engineers in your area on their website.

Annual gas contract

As a homeowner, it makes sense to have an annual gas service contract, as this will ensure that your gas equipment is in the best possible condition և likely to last. The annual gas safety update can easily be completed as part of this annual service.

Signing a service contract also gives peace of mind to your tenants, as it shows that you are serious about your landlord gas safety certificate responsibilities, you can quickly and easily repair the boiler or other gas appliances in the event of problem.

It will also give your tenants a separate point of contact with the company you are contracting with in the event of a gas emergency.

What is the duration of a gas safety certificate?

Each CP12 certificate has a duration of 12 months and must be issued to your tenants within 28 days of the expiry of the previous certificate. You must also provide one for any new tenant before moving in or within 28 days of moving in.

How long must the owner keep the gas safety certificate when it has expired?

You should keep all your old ones for at least two years, so you can view compliance history if needed.

What if the owner does not have a gas safety certificate?

If landlords fail to meet their gas safety obligations, they could be fined and you could have additional protections as a tenant if they try to evict you.

What if tenants have their own gas appliances?

If the tenants bring their own equipment, they are under their responsibility. Owners are only required to take care of fireplaces and furniture. However, in the sense that it is better to be safe than to repent, it is probably worth including them in a check.

What should an inspection include?

Each annual gas safety inspection will check any equipment or appliance that uses gas. This includes gas supply, gas boiler, and any gas fires

The inspection should also include the following:

  •        Check appliances for tightness and safety regulations
  •        Ensure there is sufficient provision for ventilation
  •        Check burner and gas pressures against the manufacturer’s data plates
  •        Check the flue flow to ensure the removal of combustible products
  •        Monitor standing and working gas pressure
  •        Safety devices must be checked to ensure they work safely and you should           also check for any misuse of gas devices or items

How much does a landlord’s gas safety certificate cost?

The Gas Safety Regulator does not oversee the price of a gas safety inspection. As a result, costs can vary considerably depending on who you’re going with. It’s a good idea therefore, to shop around. Don’t go with the first name appearing in your search – try to draw up a shortlist of about three.

It’s also worth ensuring you go with the best people possible. Gas Safety Certificate Engineers are registered professionals so the chances are that you’ll be working with someone reputable, but even so, some will be better than others. You might go by word of mouth recommendations or try looking at reviews.

Carbon monoxide alarms

You are also required by law to fit a carbon monoxide alarm in any room used for accommodation in which solid fuel is used. So, if there is a fireplace or a wood burning stove, it’s important to have one in the same room.

The only exemption is if the open fire is purely decorative and is unusable, in which case you will probably not need a Carbon Monoxide alarm.

The landlord’s gas safety certificate shouldn’t take too much time or money to arrange, but it is an important box to tick. You can always check the Government’s renting website for more information about your obligations – or have a look around our blog for the latest guidance.