Brighten Up Your Surroundings With A Hexagon Mirror

Still, confused about how to decorate your home? We have a suggestion for you to decorate your interiors with our unique style hexagon mirror designs. That adds an incredible accessory to your home by bringing elegance and a chic style. These mirrors give an illusion of more light to the dark areas of the home. 

If you have a dull space then try involving a hexagon wall mirror which will glow up the space and make it appear spacious. They give an aesthetic touch to the home and are fun to add. You just have to keep certain pointers in mind. Like the area available, size, and the style of mirror. 

These modern mirrors amplify the character and functionality of the space. Mostly mirrors are used for seeing yourself and also adding a décor element to the home. Nobody goes without noticing a mirror. It gives a lively experience and people always cherish looking at themselves in the mirror.  

Here are some top trending mirror designs from which you can choose

Hexagon mirror design

This is a new trending design that is a geometric shape and an excellent option for you. It has been liked for many years and blends perfectly with another décor. It gives a contemporary feel or a modern touch with such geometric shapes. 

You can either choose a single hexagon piece to add a statement. Or can add many small units of the hexagon with the main centerpiece. Depending on the space you can add a decorative piece to the wall. These mirrors add a shine to all parts of the room and make it vibrant.

Place it in the living room

It is best to place it in the living room where such designs become a modern style statement. They don’t look clumsy on the wall in spite radiates positive energy. If you place a single piece, it can give a complete look to the room. 

Place it opposite a chandelier, its reflection will be mesmerizing to watch. The light that will radiate from the mirror will brighten up the room and make an everlasting impression on the guests. 

These mirrors are used as a decorative pieces rather than a functional aspect. Due to its design and unique geometric shape, you cannot use it to look at yourself completely but can have a lasting impression on the décor. 

A hallway or an entrance is also a fresh idea

An entrance feels refreshing with such trendy designs and makes it lively. Everyone who sees it becomes rejuvenated. Instead of one single piece, you can add multiple tiny hexagon pieces which will amplify the feel and make it look abundant. 

You can hide any imperfections on the wall with these mirrors. Also, the color contrast of wall shade and lighting will add up to the ambiance of the entrance. Try replacing the décor of a gallery with photo frames to a mirror art and feel the difference. 

The mirror is a combination of style and modern look. They make the place extraordinary by simply adding a feature of perfection. You can choose different frames from the wall mantra and make an excellent choice. 

Adding a piece to your bedroom

These fancy mirrors can also be placed in the bedroom for décor. All the places in a home are perfect for mirrors, as they don’t confuse. They are simple décor pieces with elaborate artwork.  

You can place the mirror on the plain empty wall adjacent to the bed or just above the bed. Both will look amazing. Place an antique art opposite the mirror in which you can see the reflections of the art or painting. It gives an exquisite look.

It will also radiate light and make the space cozy and comfortable to be. The hexagon design can be with a frame or without also. We will suggest having it with a frame in your bedroom. Generally, a wooden frame will look outstanding. As it will mix perfectly with the other architecture.

Other creative designs 

Other designs include round, rectangular, and fancy mirror designs. These designs have their shape and characteristic of balancing décor and function. These also elevate the décor of the room and make it appealing. 

Spreading the light in various directions, the different sizes and shapes of the mirror are unique in their form. The rectangular or round one looks perfect in the bedroom having a size that will look good in the bedroom. Also, it can be used in the washroom and have perfect utility. 

Just select a perfect size depending on the area of the wall. Moreover, the thickness of the mirror is also important. The small size mirror can be thin but big ones should be slightly thick to withstand pressure. The framing also is considered when purchasing a mirror and should have a good resolution. 

Final words

Mirrors irrespective of any size make a place extraordinary and attractive for the guests. It is a style statement and spaces become well-lit and wider. Wall mantra has an exclusive collection of hexagon mirror designs that look astonishing and add to the décor of the home.