2 Important Process Stitching and hooping on Hat Embroidery Designs

2 Important Process

Stitching and hooping on Hat with Melco Embroidery Machine

  • Introduction:
  • The following types of hats can be used
  • 1. Wearing a Hat
  • 2. Stitching on the hat
  • Conclusion:


If you are not familiar with Embroidery Hoops, please read our article Embroidery Hoops: Why They Matter.

Melco Embroidery designs Machines make it easy to do the hooping and stitching of hats. Melco Embroidery machines have been voted one of the most popular embroidery machines. These machines are capable of performing multiple tasks and producing high quality embroidery without causing damage to the material. They are therefore the best embroidery machine market in the world. The Melco embroidery machine is flexible and precise, and prevents embroidery distortion.

These are the types of hats you can use

OPF hats

OPF Hats have backpacks with lamination that make it easy to embroider. You can also place the hats on the gage and fix them there.

Cap for sports

If you’re looking for stitching and hooping on hats, a Sports Cap/Hat might be the right choice. These hats have a stream running down the front. It’s simple to lock the stream by placing a red line on your cap frame.

Varsity hats

They do not have any lamination backing. These hats can sometimes move slightly. These hats must have the right size backing to hold the cap in place.

Two Steps to Hooping and Stitching on Hat with Melco Embroidery Machine

1. Wearing a Hat

  • Before you begin machine embroidery design hooping a cap, it is important to understand the basics of embroidery hooping with a Melco Hat Hoop. A gage is the part that you use to hoop your hat. A lever is used to rotate the gage. Remove the strap from your gauge to begin the hooping process.
  • Cut the backing to the exact size that you will need for the cap. Cut a piece of double-sided tape in the length you need. Stick it to the areas where it is needed. Double-sided tape will keep the frame from moving away from the gage. It will also make it easy to attach a cap frame to the gauge.

Tips: 4 Time-Saving Tips for Cap Embroidery

  • Select the cap frame that best suits your requirements, place it on the gauge and press/slap it several times. First, remove the clips from your cap frame. Place the backing on your cap frame, and then place the cape on the gauge. Place the cap on the gauge. The red line from the gauge should be at the center of your cap. Close the cap frame’s strap tight. The cap will shift slightly if a strip of the cap frame is lost. This can cause damage to the cap or embroidery. When the cap frame has been fixed, remove it from the cap. The cap should be removed from the gauge with the cap frame.
  • We have made some changes to the type of caps that go into the hoop. So we will show you some caps and details, which could cause issues while embroidering. Keep these in mind and then hoop them.

2. Stitching on Hat

The embroidery machine will place the cap frame. Adjust the frame so that the grabber and needles are to the left and the working needle is in the middle of the piece to be embraided.
The Cap frame comes with three match points so that the gauge will fit snugly. Simply place the cap frame on the Melco embroidery machine’s needle gauge and then clip it with the Melco needle gauge.

Select the embroidery design you want to use and adjust it for your cap size. Make sure to adjust the size and position of the embroidery badge before embroidering your cap.

You can embroider the front of the hat by keeping the main body of your hat in mind. As the cap is attached to the gauge, the center side can be used for embroidery. The cap clamp will be used to attach the cap’s back and sides using the hoop tech back. This clamp will allow you to embroider the back of your cap with more space. Simply lock the cap using a lever from the Melco hoop. You can embroider the sides and back of the cap easily.


End result: Hooping and stitching on Hat with Melco embroidery machines provides efficient and durable embroidery materials. They are widely recommended because of their ease of use. Melco makes it easy to hoop and digitize. Follow these steps and you will be able to create your design in no time. Your design is ready.