Top 16 Cabinet Hardware to Upgrade your Furniture

In this globalized world, there are hundreds of considerations in order to decorate your kitchen. You need to select the ideal cabinet and drawer style for your kitchen. Even more, you should also select the best drawer and cabinet hardware. Your selection contributes so much to the aesthetic and comfort of the space. With the fantastic finishing touch you can make your kitchen decor. If you are the one who is searching for cabinet accessories like cabinet knobs you’ve come to the perfect place. 

In this blog post, we are going to tell you the best cabinet hardware to enhance your furniture. These latest kitchen hardware pieces could be just what you need to make your kitchen cabinets pop. It is up to you whether you’re opting for a classic or modern kitchen design.

Latest Cabinet Hardware for your Furniture

  1. Cabinet Knobs with Mushrooms

Mushroom cabinet knobs are one of the most iconic knob shapes that you can select. In addition to this, these useful pieces of cabinet hardware are best suited to smaller kitchen cabinets and wall cabinets. They come in a variety of finishes in which brushed satin nickel knobs are ideal for a sleek, modern kitchen.

  1. Pull the centre to centre bar

If you are a simplicity lover, these stainless steel bar pulls are a better option for you. These simple bar pulls are popular use in modern kitchen designs. Furthermore, act well over a decade for both drawer and cabinet hardware. 

But it also depends on the size, designed with clean lines for functionality and a low-key appeal. Due to stainless steel, you will get the benefit of being extremely robust and easy to clean. Both of these attributes are really essential for any kitchen.

  1. Pulling the Arendal Cup

Cup pulls are useful products for transitional and classic kitchens that harken back to a simpler and rustic style. Generally, these oil-rubbed bronze cup pulls add drama and old-school elegance to your kitchen. Moreover, you can match it with a white shaker-style cabinet or old-fashioned drawers. But make sure that their shape makes them difficult to clean.

  1. Polished Nickel Knob with Black Marble

You can select this magnificent kitchen cabinet hardware. In addition, it is made of Italian Carrara marble and polished nickel. This lends a sense of grandeur to any cooking space. This space is especially when matched with a matching Carrara Granite countertop. Even more, these knobs are a fashion statement for your home.

  1. Princetonian Bar Pull

These bar pulls look new or antique because you pair them within both modern and classic kitchens.  Using this cabinet hardware looks futuristic on sleek glossy cabinets. These bar pulls seem retro on polished wood cabinetry that provides an aesthetic appearance.

  1. Clarity Knob in Clear Glass

If you want a classy look you can use the glass knobs. You may want to add a little bling using the clear glass knobs that feature a matte surface. Furthermore, a polished chrome base tones down the “bling” aspect to make them palatable.

  1. Satin Nickel Finish Knob with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish

These grip cabinet hardware are both useful and attractive in terms of a crosshatch design and metallic ends. The slick nickel and oil-rubbed bronze versions look well in transitional kitchens, while the polished nickel and golden champagne versions provide the impression of luxury.

  1. Flat Sided Pull

These flat-sided bar pulls are truly unusual twists on the typical bar pull. They are finished to a very high degree with polished chrome. Furthermore, these pieces of kitchen hardware are simple to open and close. Due to this, they complete the look of a variety of kitchens according to the design you want to achieve.

  1. Square Knob by BlackRock

It is a square-shaped matte black knob that, is inspired by geometric designs. They are the perfect statement element to finish off your cabinet doors. Furthermore, these square kitchen knobs are made of black bronze and the matte black finish is on-trend.

  1. Tuscany D Pull

These cabinet pulls are finished with brushed nickel and offer a great look in a traditional kitchen. The best part of these pulls is that, have an elegant Italian flavour. This flavour reminds one of opulent European architecture to make them ideal for drawer collections.

  1. Antique Brass Knob

In order to enhance the transitional kitchen, you can select these brass knobs. Furthermore, they are popular in transitional kitchens and are inspired by antique collections. You can use them for a classic Art Deco-inspired aesthetic, to mix them with matte black cabinetry. It is suggested you don’t use a large number of knobs and use them carefully.

  1. Pull a 3-inch bit

These rustic-looking oil-rubbed bronze bit pulls look excellent with white shaker cabinets. They are perfect for both traditional and transitional kitchen layouts. In addition to this, oil-rubbed bronze knobs and pulls offer a worn appearance. This appearance exudes absolute warmth, making them best for farmhouse kitchens.

  1. Center To Center Bar Pull Alison Value

This sleek cabinet hardware, finished in bright satin nickel, would complement any contemporary kitchen style. This bar pulls protrude into the room for a subtle accent on more toned-down kitchen cabinets and drawers, with a curved design for easy handling.

  1. 7-Inch Somerset Melon Pull

After selecting these one-of-a-kind cabinet hardware pieces feel incredibly conventional. Especially in the location of old-school when matched with dark matte woods. These Pulls are like historical cabinet hardware items. This is because they have a more ornate, opulent vibe to them as compared to the rustic style.

  1. Davenport Knob

These knobs are popular as they have curved bodies and straight lines. These attributes might work as well in your kitchen or bathroom. In addition, they come in a satin nickel finish and are excellent for transitional kitchens. These knobs add a stunning highlight to low-key cabinets, to take the aesthetic to the next level.

  1. Knob with a Square Twist T Handle

The square twist T handle is a distinctive piece of kitchen cabinet hardware that has an ancient, old-fashioned aspect to them. They are made of twisted dark steel and you may realise that they came straight from a medieval blacksmith. You can use them for your kitchen decor that closely matches the theme.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it might be difficult to find the proper kitchen handle or cabinet knobs. But now, we believe you understand how to select the popular hardware. You can choose the best suitable cabinet hardware add-ons that fulfill your all needs. 

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