6 Types of Roses that you can give to your Love

Roses are one of the most famous, timeless garden plants. But when the Rosa variety gives over 300 varieties and numerous thousand species formed over the centuries, where do you start? How can you choose a rose bush for your backyard garden and setting with so many different types of roses?
Every rose type highlights its unique properties and features. Some roses give beautiful evergreen blossoms that keep a garden looking lovely from spring to fall, while others are amazingly straightforward to support and give cane-like trailing stems.

Old Garden Roses

Usually related to ancient roses and famous roses, the Old Garden Rose has been around since 1867. Unlike Modern Roses, double flower blossoms exude a distinctly strong scented aroma, but they only flower once per season. Since they are a time-tested quality, Old Garden Roses have grown with the benefit of being extra hardy and infection resistant. 

Wild Roses

The wildflower types of roses, Wild Roses, or species roses, lack the cross-breeding account and hybridization of other modern species. Wild Roses usually have a single flower with a five-petal blossom. The most peaceful way to resolve a Wild Rose is in their color; they are almost always pink. It is an exception to getting a red or white Wild Rose, and a yellow Wild Rose is limited. 

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses is not a class but more of a story. In other words, you might get climbing types of roses. Despite the name, climbing roses can not quite climb as effectively as vines. Also related to trailing roses, they have solid and upright canes, which can be trained when given support. However, these canes can reach up to 15 feet, leading great heights along a trellis wall, garden walls, and arbors and lattices. 

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are among the most famous rose types, and it is not difficult to know why. The hybrid tea rose forms a dazzling display in any garden with lavish, ornate flowers that grow from long stems and move anywhere from 30-50 petals. And florists have had quite the field day with them, giving thousands of hybrid species. Outdated hybrids make access for the new daily. 

Grandiflora Roses

Considered a subgroup class of hybrid tea roses with floribunda traits, the Grandiflora rose was built in the last century. The ideal blend of the two grandifloras offers beautiful, showy flowers that seem in groups as the hybrid tea rose and a steady growth cycle like the floribunda. Each group also comprises three to five bulbs. 

Polyantha Roses

Related to floribunda roses, the polyantha rose plant is more precise with smaller blossoms. While this might not be proper for some backyard views, polyantha is ideal for edgings and plants. It is not unusual to see these rose bushes ultimately included in small bulbs with a fertile flower that lasts from spring to fall. Polyantha roses also come in different shades and tones, such as bright whites, beautiful soft pinks, and rich reds. 


Therefore, these are the types of roses that beautifully blend with the different flowers to make bouquets. These bouquets are attractive, and roses are very famous and evergreen flowers. At cosmea gardens, you will get many flowers and hampers for all events and occasions.

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