Budget-friendly Stay at Co-living Apartments in Singapore

Co-living Apartments in Singapore 

Singapore is one of the richest countries of the world with rapidly progressive economy. It attracts thousands of students and young professionals from various places of the world. The stay may extend from a few weeks to a couple of years. However long the stay may be, one will surely look for budget-friendly accommodation which is comfortable, clean and safe. Also, the apartments must be located near some commercial centres, or markets, and have a good connectivity through the local means of transport. 

Co-living has emerged as a preferable accommodation that can suffice the needs of the youth and provide a better option for renting an apartment for their employees’ business trip or temporary corporate stay.  Young professionals, at the initial phase of their career, may not choose to invest in buying a new house, or rent a whole apartment for living solo in a new place. The investment can be too big for them. So, they look for an accommodation that is economical and homely. This does not imply that they will prefer living in a noisy, crowded dormitory or a dingy hostel room which are comparatively cheaper than expensive star-rated hotels. In Singapore, a co-living housing facility offers a good residence within a marginal budget. Here, the residents get an amiable environment, associate with like-minded residents and still, enjoy their personal living space. Communal living apartments also have safety and security arrangements that ensures peace of mind. 

A fully furnished, warm, homely residential space enhances the efficiency of employees who are away from their home in a distant place. Keeping these points in mind, one may think of getting a room for rent in CBD. Another place that can satisfy all the standards of living in Singapore can be Orchard Road. A room for rent in Orchard is also the type of accommodation which the corporate organizations may choose for temporary stay of their employees.

Accommodation near Keppel Bay 

Keppel Bay has actually been active waterway since few centuries back. It was used to enable ships from the Straits of Malacca to sail along the coast of Singapore towards the South China Sea. Large ships from other countries would halt at Keppel Harbour for repair and refuel before sailing ahead. Small cargo ships and bumboats crossed the Keppel Bay to reach the heart of Singapore River. With time it has developed into a significant commercial and industrial area making way for establishment of residential facilities in serene neighborhoods in its close vicinity. 

Looking for convenient co-living accommodation near Keppel in Singapore will bring you to modern, and contemporary residential options for working adults and expatriates. These co-living units are better as temporary accommodation. They have housekeeping services twice a week for you to give the residents a hassle-free lifestyle in the city. Besides this, the rooms are designed as per the contemporary aesthetics and demands.

With Chinatown, Outram Park and Tanjong Pagar at a stone’s throw distance, the residential facility is accessible and makes it very convenience to commute to and from work. 

There are 5 different types of studio units, that give an apt environment for working while being at home. There are splendidly designed studio units, provided with King/Queen beds, an en-suite bathroom, kitchenette, laundry machine, work area, and working table-cabinets. Unlimited wireless internet connectivity makes them most suitable for optimal living. For security of the residents, there is 24-hour CCTV surveillance and privatized key card system. 

Accommodation at Lutheran Road

An economic and well-furnished co-living housing at Lutheran Road is 10 minutes’ drive from the lively Orchard Road and close to Botanic Gardens. The residential units, 117 in all, are tastefully designed and refurbished with an en-suite bathroom, study or working furniture. The spacious communal areas include reading lounge and laundry area. The premium studio unit has Murphy wall bed which can be folded into a sofa, kitchenette, work station and en-suite bathroom.  The Large Queen Suite and the Queen Suite both have Queen-sized bed set, and a working station, thus making them preferrable by singles and couples. The large Queen Suite is 400 square feet in area. The Twin Suite has two single-sized beds which are the ideal choice for members who want to go for twin sharing.

The neighborhoods where you can find economical communal apartments are serene and ideal for anyone who wants to work from home and take conferences at home. Interaction with like-minded people who are the residents there, improves networking skills and helps to increase efficacy in work. Thus, co-living is a new way to live and work in the best way you can. 

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