Mentoring Teachers in the Primary School

Mentoring is considered art, just like teaching. There is no other way in which we can describe mentoring. If we have been in the education field for a long time, it doesn’t mean that we don’t need improvement or better change. Things are changing over time, so with time, we also need to adopt these changes. We must require to adopt this changing and growing educational world.

As a teacher, it is more important to have new skills to make their teaching more effective. Or it is all will become possible due to mentoring. Nowadays, the very best monitoring programs and software present that administrators can implement in their schools for better teacher mentoring.

However, if we talk about the teachers of primary schools, they have more need for mentoring. The reason is that teaching younger students requires more skills. Because teaching younger students is not too easy. Suppose the administrators want to monitor their teachers. In that case, they can also use monitoring software or hire some monitors that can guide teachers better. In this article, the experts at law essay writing uk describe the best mentoring tips that will help in the teacher’s mentoring.

These mentoring tips are:

  1. Start them gradually and slowly
  2. Teach them to talk with us or our not my or mine
  3. Include teachers in everything
  4. Observe teachers
  5. Set a regular schedule
  6. Encourage teachers to struggle
  7. Know teachers more personally
  8. Drop out of your control
  9. Encourage Instagram and Twitter of teachers

Start them gradually and slowly.

In the first tips, start mentoring teachers gradually and slowly. First, the mentor should give time to teachers to observe them. With slow work, they should take start with them. It depends on teachers’ comfort level or skills how they are behaving or learning from their mentor. But for mentors, it is important first to build the confidence of teachers. That, in turn, helps teachers to realize their classroom responsibilities. When teachers get enough skills, they can also mentor their students or handle them better. They will learn how they can manage their class student towards learning gradually or slowly.

Teach them to talk with us or our not my or mine

The teachers and students are spending time in the same classroom. It means this classroom is both of them. So teachers should learn that they should not talk about my classroom with students. Teachers feel ownership with their students in the classroom. Mentor teachers to work in teamwork with the primary school students. Because these students are not fully developed to complete their class tasks individually. So teachers make sure that they are providing students with a safe environment in which they can perform well.

Include teachers in everything

Invite all teachers in all the aspects and activities of schools. This beg=haviour motivates teachers to improve their teaching more because they also matter a lot in the school activities. Ask teachers to strengthen their bonding with their colleagues because collaboration is more important among teachers.

Observe teachers

One of the best mentors is that they can observe their mentees. Or Mentees should also observe themselves with other teachers. They should know about the teaching methods of other teachers that will help them improve their teaching style. As a mentor, it is important to observe teachers’ effectiveness, teaching styles, or experiences. They also can discuss what they are observed.

Set a regular schedule

Regular mentorship is important for teachers. A mentor can set a scheduled time daily in which they can mentor teachers. This time may be according to the free time of teachers. With daily conversation, they can discuss different topics with teachers. They can ask them how they can help them. Teachers also can discuss if they are facing some problems in their teaching. So this daily conversation is the best chance for teachers to talk about their weaknesses and strengths.

Encourage teachers to struggle.

Encourage all teachers to struggle more than possible. They convince to solve their issues; it’s not an issue if they become fail in their struggle. They should continue their struggle. Like in primary schools, teachers are facing to teach to satisfied all students at the same time. So teachers continue their struggle to teach students or convey their teaching to them. When teachers know that they have problem-solving skills, they also can guide or helps students solve their issues. In this way, students also can learn the problem-solving skills that will be very helpful for them in their higher education.

Know teachers more personally.

School is one topic that teachers can discuss with their mentors. But it’s not enough because if a mentor wants to guide teachers, they should know them personally. They can ask them about their family, hobbies, hometown, or talents. In these topics, teachers will have more to discuss. With many different things, mentors can observe that what these teachers are. They can also observe how they deliver lessons to the student in the classroom and how they develop their relationship with their students. Mentor encourage them how they can make strong their teaching styles. Mentor also should need to develop a strong relationship with teachers so they can guide them in a better way. in return, teachers can also try to know their students personally to build a strong relationship.

Drop out of your control

A mentor can teach that if they want to build a relationship with their students, they should drop out of their control. The teachers can give the right to students in classroom decisions and choices daily. Teachers should allow their mentor to choose their schedules, lessons, or more. Teachers should discuss with their students on classroom choices that will help to build in them more confidence. The students in primary schools not can understand the facts of learning. So teachers should give them a free hand to choose their decisions what they want to do, they can do.

Encourage the Instagram and Twitter of teachers.

In this digital world, teachers have their accounts or portfolios on different social media sites. A mentor can encourage teachers to show their different learning through their portfolios. Teachers also can get a meaningful or experimental way to have their professional development. Because on social media, there are a lot of sites that help teachers improve their professional development. They can also connect with other educator leaders or see their practices and experience or by following can improve their teaching. Another best idea is that teachers can show their work to the audience and connect with other schools. But they make sure that they are following their school policies when sharing their students’ work, especially when they are using pictures of their students. They must follow the rules that their school is given to follow.

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