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Oxycodone is used to help relieve affordable excessive pain. Oxycodone belongs to a category of pills identified as opioid analgesics. It works withinside the intelligence to exchange how your body feels and responds to pain.

How to apply oxycodone

Read the Medication Guide provided through your pharmacist in advance then you start taking oxycodone and each time you get a refill.

Take this medicinal drug via the mouth as directed by your medical doctor. You also can take this drug with or without food. Ask your health practitioner or pharmacist for approximately one-of-a-kind methods to restrict nausea.

Do no longer use your own circle of relatives’ spoons because of the truth you may additionally no longer get the proper dose. Ask your clinical medical doctor or pharmacist in case you are not sure how to check or degree the dose.

Pain drug treatments paintings satisfactorily if they’re used whilst the primary symptoms and symptoms and signs and symptoms of pain occur. If you wait until the pain has worsened, the remedy also can no longer paint.

If you’ve got ongoing pain (consisting of because of cancer), your doctor can also additionally direct you to moreover take long-performing opioid medications. In that case, this remedy can be used for unexpected (breakthrough) pain entirely as needed. Other pain relievers (consisting of acetaminophen, ibuprofen) might also additionally moreover be prescribed with this medication. Ask your health practitioner or pharmacist approximately to use oxycodone correctly with one-of-a-kind capsules.

Side Effects of oxycodone

Nausea, vomiting, constipation, lightheadedness, dizziness, or drowsiness can also additionally occur. Some of those factor consequences might also additionally lessen after you’ve been utilizing this remedy for a while.

To prevent constipation, eat nutritional fiber, drink enough water, and exercise. You might also additionally need to take a laxative.

Remember that your clinical doctor has prescribed this medicinal drug because of the truth she or he has judged that the benefit to you is accelerated than the hazard of side effects.

Tell your health practitioner right away when you have any critical factor effects, consisting of interrupted respiration during sleep (sleep apnea), mental/temper adjustments (consisting of agitation, confusion, hallucinations), excessive stomach/stomach pain, scenario urinating, symptoms, and symptoms and signs and symptoms of your adrenal glands not operating properly (consisting of lack of appetite, unusual tiredness, weight loss). Get clinical help right away when you have any very critical factor effects, alongside fainting, seizure, slow/shallow breathing, excessive drowsiness/trouble waking up.

However, get medical help right away in case you are aware of any symptoms and symptoms and signs and symptoms of a critical allergic reaction, collectively with rash, itching/swelling (particularly of the face/tongue/throat), excessive dizziness, trouble breathing.

Precautions of taking oxycodone

Before taking oxycodone, tell your health practitioner or pharmacist in case you are allergic to it, or to one-of-a-kind opioid pain relievers (consisting of oxymorphone); or when you have any one of a kind allergies.

Before using this medication, tell your health practitioner or pharmacist your medical history, especially of: Genius issues (consisting of head injury, tumor, seizures), respiration issues (consisting of asthma, sleep apnea, persistent obstructive pulmonary disease-COPD), kidney disease, liver disease, mental/temper issues (consisting of confusion, depression), personal or family statistics of a substance use sickness (consisting of overuse of or addiction to capsules/alcohol), stomach/intestinal issues (consisting of blockage, constipation, diarrhea because of infection, paralytic ileus), situation urinating (consisting of because of enlarged prostate), gallbladder disease, a disorder of the pancreas (pancreatitis).

This drug also can make you dizzy or drowsy. Do no longer drive, use machinery, or do something that needs alertness until you may do it correctly. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Talk to your health practitioner in case you use marijuana (cannabis).

Liquid products may additionally include sugar, aspartame, and/or alcohol. Phenylketonuria (PKU), or any one-of-a-kind scenario that calls for you to restrict/keep away from those factors to your diet. Ask your health practitioner or pharmacist approximately to use this product correctly.

Older adults also can have greater sensitivity to the side consequences of this drug, in particular confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, and slow/shallow breathing.

It may additionally harm an unborn baby. 

Tell the doctor right away in case your infant develops unusual sleepiness, situation feeding, or trouble breathing. Consult your clinical medical doctor in advance before breastfeeding.

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Interactions with oxycodone

Drug interactions can also additionally alternate how your medicinal capsules paintings or expand your hazard for critical side effects. Keep a list of all of the products you operate and percentage it together along with your doctor and pharmacist. Do not start, prevent, or exchange the dosage of any drug remedies barring your medical doctor’s approval.

Some products that also can interact with this drug encompasses positive pain medicinal capsules (blended opioid agonist/antagonists consisting of pentazocine, nalbuphine, butorphanol), naltrexone.

The danger of great factor effects (consisting of slow/shallow breathing, excessive drowsiness/dizziness) can also additionally be increased if this treatment is interested in one-of-a-kind products that also can moreover cause drowsiness or respiration problems. Tell your doctor or pharmacist in case you are taking one of a kind products consisting of one of a kind opioid pain or cough relievers (consisting of codeine, hydrocodone), alcohol, marijuana (cannabis), capsules for sleep or nervousness (consisting of alprazolam, lorazepam, zolpidem), muscle relaxants (consisting of carisoprodol, cyclobenzaprine), or antihistamines (consisting of cetirizine, diphenhydramine).

Other medicinal capsules will have an impact on the removal of oxycodone out of your body, which might also additionally moreover have an impact on how oxycodone works. Examples encompass azole antifungals (consisting of ketoconazole), macrolide antibiotics (consisting of erythromycin), mifepristone, HIV drug treatments (consisting of ritonavir), rifamycins (consisting of rifabutin, rifampin), effective capsules used to cope with seizures (consisting of carbamazepine, phenytoin), among others.

Missed Dose of oxycodone

If you take this remedy on a normal timetable and skip over a dose, take it as quickly as you remember. If it’s miles near the time of the following dose, pass the unnoticed dose. Take your next dose at a regular time. Do not double the dose to seize up.

How to store oxycodone

Store at room temperature far from moderate and moisture. Do not keep withinside the bathroom. Keep all medicinal capsules far from young adults and pets. See moreover the Warning section.

Do no longer flush medicinal capsules down the toilet or pour them right into a drain besides being counseled to accomplish that. Properly discard this product whilst its miles expired or not needed. For greater details, look at the Medication Guide, or are seeking a recommendation out of your pharmacist or community waste disposal company.


This medicinal drug has been prescribed to your present-day scenario only. Do no longer use it later for each different situation besides recommended to accomplish that via the means of manners of your medical doctor. A special remedy might also additionally moreover be critical in that case.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist in case you want to have naloxone available to cope with opioid overdose. Teach your family or your own circle of relatives approximately the symptoms and symptoms and signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose and a way to cope with it.

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