Profeco asks AT&T users to be vigilant about improper charging

It is reiterated that there is NO RIGHT to that company to apply an annual charge for the time that the client has deferred the payment of his cellular equipment

In the event that AT&T makes this charge, the consumer has 30 calendar days from the modification of the contract, to express their rejection

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) informs that AT&T could only modify the contract of its users with their consent, that is, it is NOT enough that the company has sent a message to the cell phone of its customers fifteen days in advance as sets the standard.

In this context, consumers are alerted so that as of November 1 they are attentive that no additional charges are made to those originally agreed and, where appropriate, go to file their complaint with Profeco for the defense of their rights. .

It is recommended that if the user received the message where the company informs him of such a situation and does not agree with said charge, immediately send a letter to the same expressing that he rejects it, since if he does not do so, the company will claim that it agreed to this modification (tacit consent).

Where can you file a complaint?

In a virtual way, to the email [email protected] ; or to the Consumer Telephone (55) 5568 8722, or call the number 800 468 8722.

You can also do it from the comfort of your home or office at the electronic address ; as well as in the different official Profeco social networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube); in person, at the PROFECO Representation Offices in the Mexican Republic; or on the electronic platform

In person, it is also possible to present it at the Telecommunications Consumer Protection General Directorate at central offices: Av. José Vasconcelos 208, Piso 14, Col. Condesa. Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office. Mexico City.

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