Why the world supply chain risks collapse and what are the consequences

The global supply chain is at risk of collapse and could lead to severe consequences for the world population. The alarm of the sector organizations sent to the UN.

The petrol crisis in Great Britain in recent days could be the alarm bell of a real crisis of the international system .

In fact, in an open letter written by various groups operating in the international logistics sector and sent to the UN , all heads of government and state were warned that the global supply chain could soon collapse .

The organizations that signed the letter are: International Chamber of Shipping , International Air Transport Association , I nternational Road Transport Union , International Transport Workers’ Federation , which together represent approximately 65 million workers operating in the sector.

The document sent to the United Nations therefore highlights how the last year and a half of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to many problems for the people employed in the supply chain and how these could cause severe consequences at a global level .

The world supply chain at risk of collapse

The first danger is represented by a possible and probable shortage of personnel in the near future. A scenario linked to the disadvantages that millions of workers suffered during the pandemic and which could therefore lead to a mass exit of the workforce from the freight transport sector .

The trend could even get worse, since, for example, many of the people employed in shipping would not want to commit to new contracts, risking not to return home for Christmas due to the closure of ports and the continuous changes to the restriction rules implemented by the different states. .

At the same time, mismanagement of vaccines and the use of virus positivity tests are also reported . They range from those who have been vaccinated several times with different sera, since each country recognizes only certain drugs, to the majority who, coming from developing nations , have not yet had access to any dose.

A situation of similar discomfort also affects truck drivers , who have witnessed a tightening of the entry rules within national borders that have forced them on several occasions to wait for hours to carry out swabs and various checks, as has happened for example. on the Brenner on the border between Italy and Austria .

In this specific case, a slight improvement was represented by the introduction of the European green pass .

What consequences for the global population

As illustrated in the paper, the global supply chain is equally dependent on the presence of workers in maritime , land and air distribution .

If one of them is significantly reduced it can lead to a domino effect on the whole system , causing serious inconvenience for the world population , such as the lack of access to basic necessities .

For this reason, a single global response must be established as soon as possible , so as to allow the carrying out of tasks that do not penalize the employed staff and is able to guarantee full distribution of products internationally.

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