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There is nothing quite like having your wedding party pull up outside of a limo service. Whether it is for the bride or the groom, a wedding is something that needs to be special, and one way to make sure it is to have a limousine for the occasion. Even though most limos come in two varieties, there are two types of wedding limo rentals near me that you can choose from, an open or closed top limo, a limo bus, or a stretch SUV limo.

Close-top limos are luxurious transportation that offers many amenities to their passengers. The front door will open and lock giving your guests a sense of security as they walk into the limo. Many of these limos will have amenities such as a large bar and television with relaxing movies playing. Other amenities include a stocked mini-refrigerator, snacks and drinks will all be available for your passengers.

A limo bus is the other type of limo that we used for our weddings. These buses can be pulled up wherever you want and driven to your location. The bride and her wedding party were very happy with this option because it meant they could simply get out of the limo and get ready to get married, rather than have the group stuck in the vehicle. There is not only more space on the bus, but there is also a dining area. There is also a restroom which gave us more time to prepare for our special day.

limo rentals near me

Comfortable seating for the long-distance :

A Chrysler 300 is another luxury vehicle that is available through a limo service. This vehicle has an open-top that can slide back revealing a more personal car interior. It has comfortable seating for the long-distance traveled and there are four doors on the interior which gives the passengers plenty of room. Although it has the amenities we needed, it was still a bit expensive, around $400 for a single ride.

Lincoln stretch limos are an excellent option for anyone wanting an early morning or late evening pick-up. We opted for a Lincoln because it gave us the most legroom and the most spacious trunk. On the trip, there were eight hours and six passengers to split the bill. The entire trip was about seven and a half hours, well made and ready for the ride. There is an inside toilet, a two-passenger area, and it cost us just over eight hours.

If saving money is a priority for you, then consider the use of a party bus rental. Lincoln stretch limos are not the only option, and many limousine services near me offer a shuttle for parties as well. These buses generally seat fifteen to twenty people, so there is plenty of room for your bridal party to mingle and enjoy themselves. There is a bar area for the adults, and there is an outdoor smoking area as well in several limos. This makes throwing a party a breeze.

limo rentals near me

Lincoln stretch limos are ideal for a night:

Lincoln stretch limos are ideal for a night out on the town. You can find many different Lincoln limo services that are more than willing to take you around and across the city in style. Many of these transportation companies have luxurious sedans that are sure to impress. Most offer a variety of limos, such as executive and prestige. These limos offer spacious cars with many amenities. You can choose from plush leather seating, tinted windows, power mirrors, iPod docking stations, and even DVD players.

There are a number of other perks when renting a limo in Lincoln. Lincoln taxi services also come complete with a bar, which means you and your friends can have a few drinks while waiting for the show to begin. The entertainment is outstanding. We didn’t have any problems traveling with our friends to events in Lincoln, nor did we have trouble finding parking spaces. It is easy to see why so many people choose to use Lincoln limo rentals near me each day.

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