Many problems, one solution! Hemp bedding for rats

Why do we at all use bedding in rat cages? Well, it absorbs liquid waste and traps odors for one. Secondly, it gives rats a material similar to their nest making it fun for them to create safe and comfortable nests with the bedding.

So, why use hemp bedding for rats? To make sure they enjoy their lives and live healthy in hygienic conditions also at the same time keeping the home hygienic and clean. In this article, we will discuss in detail different types of bedding for rats and

Excellent odor and waste control: Substrates

Substrates keep your rat cage clean with a fresher smell and by absorbing waste. The nature of substrates is such that they need to absorb twice or more in their weight in moisture to work efficiently. Some substrates are even able to absorb four to five times of their weight.

However, there are certain safety and hygiene issues. You need to choose the substrate material very carefully because they may be rich with dust and oils and these can seriously irritate the respiratory tract’s lining and cause more threatening situations.

Certain essential oils like the ones found in pine and others are dangerous for the small balls of fur even though they smell good to us. These essential oils can be very harmful to rats and are linked to diseases like pneumonia and even allergies. Choosing something with no oils and low dust is the key.

Another factor to consider is expansion and palatability. If the bedding used is considered eatable by the rats they will act like poison if done so. It is always essential to choose bedding that is not snackable. Corn cob bedding is eaten by rats in certain cases and is also very high in the dust. Even something with no toxic properties can be dangerous if it expands as it absorbs.

Bedding is by default designed to absorb moisture and expand in the process. If your rat eats the bedding it will expand inside on being contacted by moisture. This can also be a fatal expansion by causing intestinal blockages.

A safe feeling and plenty of life, rest time: Loose bedding

Rats feel safe when they occupy loose bedding. They are generally nocturnal and use loose bedding to create a nest for resting. When the material used is loose it can be easily morphed to take up a variety of forms. Many people use fleece bedding. This material offers a bit of that digging and creating caves, but is not fluffy or can be shaped.

Paper bedding is also an option that allows a bit of burrowing and is also soft.

Similar to substrates, these types must be low dust and free from natural oils. Remember It is always best to use natural material for loose bedding. Avoid the ones that come with artificial fragrances and dyes. They could impact respiratory systems and affect sensitive skin.

The best solution by combining benefits of all types: Hemp bedding

Hemp bedding is a great solution for nesting as well as waste management. Many people use hemp bedding for their pets in the substrate as well as loose bedding forms and get fruitful results. Hemp is already well known for its organic wellness properties and also offers many unique benefits.

It is an awesome option for your pets.

1. Hemp can absorb about four times its weight

Super-efficient absorption means a clean cage for a longer time. The growth of molds is also reduced due to the high absorption rate. The smell is not the only problem with molds. It could irritate your rat’s lungs and cause more sickness.

2. It is extremely low in palatability

Rats do not find Hemp enticing at all, mostly because of the fibers. Rats do not like the taste of hemp. This behavior makes it potentially safer for your pet’s gastrointestinal tract.

3. Very low in dust

Low in dust means easier to breathe around. It is safe for nesting because it does not irritate your rat’s lungs. Some of these beddings are also hypoallergenic making them even safer.

4. Completely biodegradable

Hemp is completely environment-friendly and biodegradable. This is why it can be used as compost and is also completely safe to be recycled as a fertilizer.

5. Free from toxic chemicals

Generally, hemp does not require a lot of support from pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals to grow or process. This makes it completely safe for your rats to spend their days rolling on, burrowing, and nesting.

These benefits of Hemp speak for themselves and explain why rat lovers are changing their bedding preferences to hemp and how it is working well as a substrate and as well as nesting material.

In the current market, numerous organic manufacturers are producing hemp-based products but not all of them are providing the best grade product. You will be bewildered at their number and claims. Make sure the hemp you are buying has been farmed safely without using any toxins and is also processed naturally.

See their websites to find out if they have the actual product they claim to do. The labels will provide many details and so will the customer reviews talk about the product’s advantages and disadvantages. Also, check on third-party websites to find out if the organic brand has been able to produce results. Check their third-party lab reports to find out if the label information and the test results talk about the same ingredients.

Hemp bedding for rats is a natural alternative to the other types of bedding you use. It does not contain added fragrances but has a fresh and clean smell. It is four times as absorbent in terms of its weight and is completely environment-friendly. Also, being 100% biodegradable it can be used as effective compost.

It brings the best out of all the types of rat bedding and combines it into one super product that satisfies all your needs out of rat bedding also being completely natural and the best fit for your rats. Happy them means happy you.

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