The Top Benefits And Drawbacks We Can See In Practice Mate Reviews

When it comes to choosing a new EMR, you often have to consider a lot of things before you make a complete decision. After all, there are benefits and drawbacks to every software out there, and what works best for you depends on a number of factors. However, one solid way to get an idea of the pros and cons of any software you like is by reading through reviews. 

Reviews are essential because they make it much easier for you to get an honest idea of the features offered by the software. Practice Mate reviews operate in a similar way for you. You can use the information gathered by these reviews to decide if Practice Mate is the right tool for your practice. So let’s learn more about this solution and its pros and cons.  

About Practice Mate 

Practice Mate is an EMR system created by the company Office Ally. The software is offered through a cloud server that can be accessed from anywhere at absolutely any time. Practice Mate was created for healthcare facilities that fall into the small and middle levels in terms of their structure. It can even help you coordinate between multiple doctor offices.  

One of the biggest pulls of using Practice Mate and its suite of software is the fact that it is quite affordable. In fact, the practice management tool is available for free! Other aspects of the software can be accessed at practically no cost which is a huge plus for small practices. You also get access to a number of added benefits, such as training and a support team. 

The practice management software is a huge asset to practices looking to make their work smoother. You can use it to set up appointments in pretty much no time. Calendars are also very easy to work with, and even coded by color for each doctor so things can be visually easy to sort through. Therefore, managing complicated schedules becomes so easy! 

Plus, the patients get access to a portal called Patient Ally. This helps them be able to make their own appointments. The doctors can sign in and approve the visit requests so that they are added to the calendar. All of this takes a lot of the stress away from the front desk staff and gives the power to book appointments to the patient themselves.  

The Pros 

When it comes to the benefits of Practice Mate, there are so many we cannot put them all here. However, we looked through Office Ally Practice Mate reviews so we could identify the biggest pros mentioned there. For a better idea of what the ultimate benefits of this software are, we recommend that you do your research and read Practice Mate reviews.  

Cheap And Accessible 

One of the biggest pros mentioned throughout Practice Mate software reviews is the fact that this software is extremely accessible in terms of price. Most of the EMR systems and practice management solutions on the market can cost thousands of dollars overall. This is why so many small practices with a lower budget are excited about having this option.  

The system also offers the best features at such a low cost. That makes it quite a valuable software for practices trying to get high value for a smaller price tag. The EMR and the addon services do cost some money, but the price is negligible when compared to the average cost of such software. You can learn about costs by reaching out to the vendor.  

Quick And Easy To Use 

Another one of the benefits mentioned in reviews is the fact that it is quite easy to use this software. The system is set up in such a way that it allows doctors to have control over the work that they do. The software also helps to facilitate communication with all of the parties. This includes the patients, doctors, and staff management and leads to better outcomes.  

Extensive Claim Management 

A lot of the reviews for this software mention that the claim management system is extremely helpful and useful. It helps practices keep track of submitted claims through a calendar, which makes it much easier to follow up after denials. There is no fee for claims filed, which can be a huge benefit to independent practices that are already on a budget.  

The Cons 

Just as there are benefits to Practice Mate, there are some drawbacks that can come into play when you use this software as well. However, in order to learn about such drawbacks, the best place to look at is Practice Mate reviews. Here is what they have to say.  

Issues With The Patient Portal 

The patient portal offered by Practice Mate comes with its own baggage. Some of the reviews mentioned that the use of this tool is extremely difficult. Others mentioned that there are some issues in place when patients try to book an appointment. While some people had a positive experience, there are definitely Practice Mate reviews that feel differently. 

Slow System And Lags 

Another issue mentioned by reviews is that the system has a tendency to slow down. This is particularly a problem when there is a lot of patient data added to the system. This causes it to slow down and lag. According to some of the reviews, there were even times that the software completely crashed and they lost quite a bit of data.  

Difficult to Export Notes 

Another major issue that a certain review pointed out is regarding patient notes. They stated that the patient notes they create, while helpful, are difficult to export. This means that each note would have to be copied if they were to shift to another EMR. Not being able to export notes can be a huge concern for practices especially when considering interoperability. 

Conclusion – Should I Rely On Practice Mate Reviews? 

At this point, you may be wondering whether or not to get Practice Mate. We have talked extensively about the benefits of reading Practice Mate reviews. However, that is not the only thing to do to learn about this software. It is also a good idea to learn more through a demo or by comparing the features to a list of some of your ideal EMR features as well.  

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