How to prepare a homemade tanning lotion?

This recipe is customizable and different colors can be created, therefore I leave you a base and from there you can start to create new recipes according to how golden or dark you want your skin. It is very cheap when compared to the products bought in cosmetic stores.

The recipe that I will present to you later does not have any type of chemical product so you can be calm when applying it to your skin.

To get all the benefits of tanning lotion you have to apply it in a very specific way according to the way the lotion is made.

Tanning lotion based on cocoa powder

This recipe is widely used since it is very easy to make and the truth is that you use very few ingredients to be exact, only two.


Unscented lotion (white).

100% pure cocoa powder. Please note that this powder has to be pure or the mixture will not work.


In a refractory place half a cup of the body lotion of your choice (taking into account that it must be white) and approximately one third of the cocoa powder (this must be pure cocoa).

Mix the lotion very well taking into account that you should not have thick lumps; this in order that it is well mixed and that it is a soft and velvety lotion to be used on the skin.

At the time of making the lotion you can verify the desired color and if you want it darker you just have to add more cocoa powder and keep mixing constantly.

After finishing the process you can apply the lotion recommended to use it daily so that you can obtain a first-class result.

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