Types of Bathroom Mirrored Cabinets

Bathroom glass cabinets are an indispensable part of your bathroom, helpful in storing your bathroom items and provide you with comfort. You mainly use a bathroom cabinet to store toiletries like shower gels and shampoos, towels, toilet papers, make up, and other sanitary products. This way you have everything close to you and the degree of comfort and familiarity in the washroom can easily be increased.

Moreover, your bathroom would definitely look neater and cleaner if everything is stored behind the closed doors. In a clean, tidy bathroom, you can relax better, for example if you are taking a long bubble bath at the end of a long tiring day. However, bathroom cabinets have an aesthetic function: they largely determine the design and style of your bathroom.

The Types of Bathroom Cabinets You Should Know About

There are typically four types of bathroom cabinets depending upon the mounting spot in the bathroom and the size of the mirrored cabinets. However, a cabinet may vary on the fronts and details. There are therefore, an endless number of choices. Let’s read more about the types of bathroom cabinets.

A Vanity Unit

A vanity unit is mounted below the sink. A vanity unit typically has two drawers for you to sort things neatly. With a storage unit under the washbasin, you have all your bathroom stuff within your reach.

These vanity units are usually available for both single and double washbasins. Washbasin furniture for the double washbasins is especially more practical when you use both the washbasins together, at the same time, and people can divide and have their own side of the cabinet. This way, you can have a smooth morning and night routine and even if you get late to wake up in the morning you need not fight with your roommate or partner.

A vanity unit is also considered the ideal, because it smartly hides all the inelegant pipes and fixtures under the sink. It is suitable for smaller bathrooms, which look bigger because of the hanging aspects. Moreover, you often find space to place the laundry basket under the cupboard.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet or Drawer Unit

Wall mounted bathroom cabinets or drawer units are comparatively smaller in size and can easily be mounted anywhere in the bathroom. But sizes may vary. While there are sleek cabinets that are quite high, there are cabinets that are wide too. In most of the wall mounted bathroom cabinets it is seen that it has doors instead of drawers.

These wall mounted bathroom cabinets or drawer units too are ideal for smaller bathrooms, as they tend to take up little space.

Tall Bathroom Cabinet

A tall mirrored cabinet in bathrooms is a small yet high cabinet. These too are ideal for smaller bathrooms and take up very little space in width. Tall bathroom cabinets are slim and therefore elegant and timeless. A number of variations are available in the market. In addition to the countless choices of materials and finishing, you can plan to organise your cabinet in different ways. Tall mirrored cabinets with one, two or even three doors are available. These types of cabinets are very suitable for families with little children or pets. You can easily store the sharp and dangerous objects on the highest of the shelves.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Bathroom mirror cabinets, as the name suggests are bathroom cabinets with mirrors. These bring the most convenience and comfort when they are mounted above the washbasin. The mirrors can be mounted either on one door or both the doors of the cabinet, giving you easy access to the mirror as well as the toiletries at the same time.

The most luxurious types of bathroom mirror cabinets are now seen in the lavish hotels and the modern houses. Mirror cabinets with lighting, cabinets with heating to prevent fogging of the mirrors are also available.

We hope this article was informative and answers all your queries regarding glass cabinets in the bathroom. You can even have a chat with your interior decorator and curate a whole new style that suits the look and feel of your bathroom and home.

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