Carpet Cleaning: Preventing Flat Carpets and Cleaning beyond the Surface

The use of carpets in certain or all parts of the home is still a home decoration option people love.

Carpets are made of different materials. With time and use, they may begin to have a flat appearance and even deflate.

To ensure you have a full and fluffy carpet all the time, you need to learn how to get it done. For this purpose, this post has been written. The information here will guide you through unflattening carpets that have been used for years.

  1. Vacuum:

he procedure for unflattening should begin with vacuuming the carpet. Why? Debris like pet hair and dust, which would make the treatment process messy, will be removed with the vacuuming. When the dirt has been removed, the carpet will become free and fluffed up. With this, matted areas can be easily identified and given a more thorough cleaning.

2. Unflatten marks made by furniture:

How to – If your carpet is thick and fluffy, you will easily notice marks made by chairs and table legs that have been positioned on the carpet for toolong. It can also be observed in less thick carpets anyway. The process is easy. Simply get some ice cubes and:

  • Cover the indented area with ice cubes spaced two inches from each other
  • Allow the ice to melt completely. It may take a couple of hours to do so
  • With your fingers or a hard brush, fluff up the carpet fibres
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure

If you want to speed up the ice melting, you can use a hairdryer but at low heat – this won’t allow the carpet to be damaged.

It’s advised you vacuum the unflattened area when it gets dry. This will fluff up the carpet again.

  1. Unflatten carpet areas where foot traffic is high:

How to –

Carpets used in offices and other buildings with many feet walking on them for hours also flatten out quickly. To unflatten, you need more than just a few ice cubes for carpet cleaning in London.

Begin with making your iron warm. Get a cloth or towel that’s damp and:

  • Spread the damp towel over an area of the flattened carpet.
  • For several seconds, iron over the damp cloth.
  • Remove the towel, spread it over another carpet section. Repeat the process.
  • The heat from the iron and water from the towel combined will restore the fluffiness of the carpet. Ensure the cloth is damp! If you use a dry towel, you will end up with no results after a long time.
  • Please keep the iron away from your carpet! Don’t let it come close to it; the iron will burn your carpet without a damp cloth as an interface.
  1. Lifting and cleaning the carpet thoroughly:

How to –

While the low heat (iron and damp towel) method is excellent, ironing the whole carpet in your living room may not be practical.

With baking soda and vinegar, that carpet can be restored to life again. The cleaning with these materials goes below the carpet surface.

Baking soda is effective for the elimination of bacteria breeding in carpet fibres. It also takes out unpleasant smells from the carpet.

This process involves two steps. Please, take your time to perform them and do so simultaneously.

Begin with applying the baking soda. How?

  • Evenly place baking soda over the carpet
  • Get a hard brush, and use it to rub the baking soda into the carpet fibre
  • Allow the baking soda to settle in overnight
  • Vacuum the baking soda the next day
  1. When the carpet is free of baking soda, mix equal parts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle. After that;
  • Cover the carpet with a mixture of water and vinegar
  • Ensure you apply a sufficient amount to dampen the carpet
  • Use a hard brush and rub it into the carpet fibres

Allow a few hours to pass; you won’t smell the vinegar anymore. Your carpet will take on a smart and fluffy look.

Please note that spraying the carpet with vinegar without vacuuming the baking soda will turn your carpet into a mess of whitish paste. This won’t be easy to clean off.

Preventing flat carpet

It is typical for all carpets to get flattened out with time. However, these few tips can help the carpet last longer:

  • Make furniture move:

Furniture like tables and chairs on carpets should be moved each day. This movement doesn’t need to be much. A few inches to the right and left each day will prevent the pressure from rising on one spot.

  • Cover high foot traffic areas with rugs:

If an area in a building will be taking more footsteps, it’s better to lay a rug over the carpet to protect it and absorb all the pressure from people’s feet.

Rugs will do well on walkways, by the door, in front of the couch, and in other areas, people usually congregate.

  • Go for high-quality carpets:

A carpet with low quality won’t last longer than one with high quality. When you shop for carpet, go for the one that’s dense and strong. Flattening will be less in such carpets.

For help with unflattening carpets

It won’t be so difficult to have your carpet unflattened yourself. The work may be quite tedious; however, all the materials you need for the job may likely be available in your home.

Have you thought of how uncomfortable it will be, scrubbing and ironing from one end of your carpet to the other?

This is where we come in. Let us handle your carpet cleaning in London. We will take that burden off your shoulders by cleaning your carpet and making it sparkling bright, crisp and fluffy.

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