Shubh Labh design – holds great importance in Indian festivals?

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The swastika is the symbol of Lord Ganesha, the Pratham Pujniya(that is, firstly, he is worshiped more than other deities). Lord Ganesha is the God of good beginnings and remover of evil or obstacles. In Hindu mythology, Swastik brings prosperity, Happiness, and wealth to our life. It brings balance in all nine directions. Riddhi and Siddhi represent his two wives on both sides of Swastik. 

Shubh and Labh are the two sons of Lord Ganesha. Shubh signifies Happiness, while Labh symbolizes Good wealth. These Shubh-Labh symbols mean when we keep them in our house or use them on auspicious days, they will benefit us. It means that God, please bring Happiness and peace to our house. Kalash symbolizes the riches and source of life.

Therefore, in India, on every event, occasion, or any festival, you will see these Shubh-Labh designs and Kalash designs crafted in brass for keeping in the house like for shubh labh for door hanging pout outer on the main door of house or office. Putting it outside the house establishes Prosperity, Luck, and Wealth. It is also hung in the car, kept in the office or Puja room.

Role of Shubh-Labh as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra instructs making maximum use of the cosmic energy to achieve consistency. It plays an important role in people’s professional and personal life. Gems, Precious stones, trees, flowers, metals serve as incentives in building a connection between human beings and divine power. Vastu Dosha will lead to problems and too much loss in your life professionally and personally.

Shubh-Labh importance  

Vastu Shastra is related to the directions of the area of the office or the house, or any company. Whether it is your house, a restaurant, a multinational company, or anything, it should positively affect anyone who visits there. The North-East direction is considered a very promising direction. Shubh-Labh is placed outside the home or office, which symbolizes bringing Happiness and prosperity to the family. 

The swastika is an auspicious symbol marked with the Shubh-Labh written on the house or a shop wall. 

In India, some special pooja is there which people will celebrate with full enthusiasm and in a purely traditional way. On these festivals, various pooja holds properly like Durga Pooja on Dussehra, Lakshmi Pooja on Diwali, Lord Ganesha pooja on Ganesh Chaturthi, and so on. And some are the pooja which is done to mark a new lifetime family occasion like the birth of a baby, wedding, house inauguration, or anything.

In every pooja, Various pooja materials are used, including utensils and Samagri. Pooja Samagri is kept in Pooja Thali, in which the first Swastik is made by using Kumkum. The Pooja area is decorated with Diyas, Shubh-Labh hangings, Shubh-Labh door design, or Shubh-Labh wall hanging. All these items are available on our site at a reasonable price.

For occasions, you can buy ethnic and mesmerizing wall hanging for your home, office, or temple. These Shubh Labh designs will bring positive vibes to your home or office wherever they are hung or placed. They are the traditionally crafted decorative items forming an atmosphere at any event.

There are all positive vibes out there in your living place with these shubh labh designs. With graceful shapes, these designs will attract the essence of spirituality. These shubh labh wall hangings will not only give your walls a good look but positivity also. They are available in various sizes and patterns so that you can easily choose the one for your home decor. 

All the Subh Labh design accessories, whether it is Subh Labh door hanging, etc., are all available at Lovely Wedding Mall. All the accessories are handmade and beautifully crafted in the best way. 

The puja plate is made up of pure supreme quality steel having the design on its size. It is very good-looking and attractive. Above all these things, they are budget-friendly. These items can be brought by anyone who knows the values of our holy character. 

Go for it and place the order to buy these items. Let all the blessings of Lord Ganesha be showered upon you and welcome the Happiness and prosperity in your life. God blesses the persona who bows down to him and prays him with the whole heart.

Pooja Essentials available online

  • Wedding kit 

Marriage kit, Vidhi kit with diamond and stone, all the things are available which is necessary for the bride and the groom mandap vidhi. Our vidhi kit have Antarpat, Pokhana, Madavo Ropavanu Kundu, Manek Stambh, Vasani Soti, Mindhod, Mindhod Rumal, Ganeshji-Shubh labh designs, Supadu, Pooja Thali, Shreefal, Pooja Kalash, Chundadi, Hastmelap Rumal, Pithi Bowl &n many more things.

  • Antarpat

Antarpat is the ceremony where favorable cloth is between the bride and groom before the bride goes into the mandap. From this point onwards, the journey of the couple begins.

All the designs like Shree Ganesha, Dulha Dulhan, Kalash, Swastika, and such labh printed on Antarpat are used in marriage rituals.

It is made up of cotton or silk fabric. For making the customer experience amazing and long-lasting, we also provide customized Antarpat. Items like name prints of bride and groom along with their wedding date customized on it.

  • Marwadi Pooja items

The more spiritual person will go shopping for those items, which makes their pooja complete and auspicious.

We provide uniquely designed pooja essentials that are easily available to the customer. So you can get all the Marwadi pooja items like Batisi, Theli, Kamarpata set for both bride and groom, Fumri, Marwadi wedding, and many more.

  • Aarti Thali

Aarti thali is an important item for any pooja. We provide you with decorative Shubh labh designs, aarti thali sets, and some extra goodies. Our online site has many more items like Hast mela cloth, sapta PADI supari, decorative Kundu and coconut.

You can also see the cost of the pooja essentials. You are going to amaze by seeing a variety of items on our site. 

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