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Tamil Cinema Goes Global

Tamil cinema has been one of the most talked-about and most loved languages in India. Tamil films have been making rounds in global film festivals and international film conventions. Most of our film stars are speaking Tamil and singing Tamil songs to popularize Tamil culture and language in the country. Recent Rajinikanth film “Endhiran” or “The Robot” has made people go crazy with its sci-fi and super adventure features. This made Tamil movies all the more in demand and also the talk of the town at the recent Cochin International film festival.

Recently, our esteemed directors Nemade Paul and Ravi Teja set up a prize wager in Cochin to popularize Tamil movies and Tamil rock music. The winning candidate will get the grand prize of 200 Rupees. The response from the crowd was awesome and the grand prize was well received.

Kaavalan-Vijay King in Business is back with Grinder Success

Recently we saw in the Hindi movie hall what our Tamil cinema directors called “ramsayattu”. That movie did very well in a foreign language with good storylines and performances. There was a mix of action, comedy, and masala in it. The movie was directed by S.S. Rajamouli, the famous Tamil cinema director who did the hit movie “Kodambakkam”. Recently, in another Hindi movie “Chak De! 

Recently we saw in the Hindi movie “Mankatha” which is a spin-off of “Reality of Living” that Ravi Teja again played the pivotal role as an actor. We can also see our Tamil heroes like Director Shankar one more time in “Mankatha” playing a pivotal role. Director Shankar made some changes in the storyline and changed some of the dialogues in the movie which was a great change for the movie. Nowadays Director Shankar and his team have a lot of homework to do before releasing the movie. So they do polish the movie beforehand.

Recently we saw a very old man in Tamil cinema, playing the character of a king. The movie was ‘Nanban’. This king was played by our aging Tamil cinema hero Vijay. We are not told who exactly is the King of Vijay but he is a famous character in Tamil cinema and has been known by the name of Vijay Kallu for a long time. Another great star from Tamil cinema whose name is Vijay, is D. Santosh.

Anirudh Actor photos on Flickr

Recently we saw a very well-known movie named “Aaqir” in Tamil cinema. It is a remake of the Hindi film “Chhotelat”. Aamir is a remake movie that gave us a lot of heartbreaking scenes. This movie also gave us some good strong female characters like Nana, played by Priyadarshan, and Divya, played by Prem Chopra. In recent times Divya played a vital role in the National Awards and won the award for best this post.

Many other Tamil movies have been released in the international market. Some of them have been received with great success, while some of them have failed to grab the attention of the global audience. Tamil cinema is all about bringing home true stories from the villages of Kerala and the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh. So if you are looking for Tamil movies then definitely you will find a gem in a store somewhere.

With the recent releases of Tamil movies like “Mankatha”, “Iruvar”, and “Kathak”, the popularity of Tamil cinema is at its peak and the Tamil style of dancing and singing is on the rage. People who are not fans of Tamil music or culture are slowly turning their noses up to Tamil movies. But that is also a big mistake as Tamil rock is a genre of its own and has its followers even outside the state. Tamil rock is a genre of its own and will continue to influence the next generation of Tamil cinema.

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