What Is the Cost of Invisalign Aligner in the UK?

As the new-age dental solution, Invisalign is outstanding in delivering perfect smile that you always wished for. It eradicates the situation of embarrassment which regular braces have. It comes with laden of benefits for the patients of all ages starting from nearly invisibility to easy cleaning and maintenance; it has become more convenience in everyday life.

When almost everything is set, cost becomes the integral factor patients are more worried about. So, we think that to let you know the exact price for Invisalign treatment in UK, we will keep deeper insight and here we are!

  1. How much Invisalign needs in the UK?

Being the bespoken process, it’s not like one-size-fits-all treatment type. A whopping amount of £5000 is needed to get the treatment. Sometimes it can be done within a cheap amount of £1500 as well. The said figures are of extreme cost price. But it is entirely relied on the severity of the condition to determine the actual final cost needed to get your teeth straightened by Invisalign.

Thinking of the basic circumstances without any other dental problem and intermediate alignment issue the cost will range from £2500 to £3500. But it can or can’t contain the retainer and aftercare expenditure.   

  1. Is brace expensive than Invisalign in the UK?

Conventional brace costs about £1500-£3000. On the basis of preparation type you need prior to undergo the treatment and your desire regarding the teeth straightening, Invisalign costs either equal to or slightly higher than braces.

It is highly preferable because by spending a few more bucks you can save yourself from hassles and complications of braces. On the other hand, Invisalign fixes the teeth silently and without letting anyone knows about it keeping the hassle to minimum.

  1. What is the most affordable range of Invisalign?

A number of Invisalign options are available to offer precise treatment to the patients. Invisalign Comprehensive addresses tooth position and alignment. Invisalign Express is highly effective for moderate dental alignment for multiple teeth. Invisalign Lite is just for mild issues and the Invisalign Teen suits the necessity of alignment with consistent changing oral structure.

Irrespective of the option you choose, the minimum expense of Invisalign will be £1500-£2000. If your dentist provides finance options then you can get the treatment with £30-£50 monthly interest-free payment options in a tenure of a year or two.

  1. Is Invisalign included in insurance policy?

Before signing, carefully go through the insurance paper and check if any cosmetic dental procedure gets covered or not. These days’ insurance providers are offering the coverage of cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign and regular braces through their plans. An insurance policy definitely eases the burden of treatment cost especially for such private and expensive options.

  1. What finance plans can be obtained with Invisalign treatment?

During your initial free consultation, don’t hesitate to ask if the clinic has any financing option or packages. Most dental clinics nowadays have 12/24 monthly payment plan in which you have to pay the cost in easy instalments every week or month.

Many practitioners are also there which offer zero interest payment option for 12-month with as low as monthly instalment with just £28. Prior to undergo the treatment, check if plan covers charges of teeth whitening, cost of removable or fixed retainer and aftercare visits.  

  1. Is it possible to get Invisalign at NHS?

NHS never includes Invisalign in their treatment range. Although teens can expect metal braces from NHS but in private dental clinic you have to bear near about £2000-£3000 from the kitty.

  1. Is there any after care cost of Invisalign?

Rather than being a one-time solution, it is involved with the use of consistent transparent tray for straightening the teeth without incorporation of the retainers. Even within the expected time period it will get back to its original position too.

But to retain the newly-achieved position for a long period of time, retainers are needed along a post-treatment dental visit series to monitor the progress. After-care cost may or may not be included in treatment plan; still you can get it covered below finance options. If possible arrange a free initial consultation with the dentist as it can help you with your finances to undergo the treatment.  

  1. How much the cost of Invisalign varies across various cities?

Alike general dentistry, the Invisalign cost in UK relies on the location you are at present. In the UK, the highest price for the Invisalign is in London with a whopping amount of £2,770.9 whereas Birmingham counts the most reasonable price with £2,004.5 only.

Even the area you are at present affects the Invisalign cost as well. Variation is also contributed by dentist’s reputation, qualification and experience. That’s a strong valid reason of such fluctuation in the cost of Invisalign at various clinics within a particular city. 

  1. Does Invisalign worth its value?

Despite of choosing any dental option and any money you spend, you will always reap its benefits easily. With Invisalign you are going to inherent more comfort with no social embarrassment. When you are getting this much spending slightly more money shouldn’t be a problem at all.

But metal braces are ideal if you want to go with cost-efficient option. No doubt that Invisalign consumes more time and money to resolve the orthodontic problem having own set of remarkable perks you are going to enjoy throughout the treatment period. 


The cost of Invisalign ranges anywhere from £1500 to £5000 depending on the complexity of the problem! Sometimes, it can be even more if the dental condition is really worse. It is fully worth the value if you consider its amazing benefits. Sometimes, the treatment in covered by the insurance policy.

If the dental clinic facilitates flexible payment option then you can spread the entire cost into simple instalments over 12-24 months. By doing so, you can obtain straight and perfect smile with £30–£50 per month.  Visit Smile Works Dental a dental clinic in Harley Street to obtain the teeth straightening treatment with multiple and flexible payment options.

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