Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Auto Insurance New Jersey

Commercial auto insurance protects you from financial liability when the automobiles you use for business face problems and the total coverage you need is not included in an individual auto insurance policy. This is a type of business insurance that addresses a variety of automobiles. It can have many names depending on your specific coverage needs, such as van insurance or fleet insurance. Our agents at Eastern Insurors can help you identify the best coverage for your company’s needs.

Why do you want New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance?

In general, if the automobile is commonly used for duties associated with the operator’s job, profession or organization — aside from commuting — you will require a commercial plan.

You might need a commercial auto insurance policy if you’re being paid to use your vehicle to transport items or people, or if you’re using it to carry out a variety of other services. A plan such as this is appropriate if you need stronger limits of accountability because of the nature of your work.

Other reasons to consider commercial auto insurance: If you’re transporting a considerable weight in resources or gear, towing a trailer, or if your staff relies on the vehicle to carry out its function.

What does Commercial Auto Insurance protect?

Just like your private auto insurance policy, commercial auto insurance provides related automobile coverages like accountability, accident and comprehensive protection, healthcare obligations (or accidental injuries) for the injured and protections from uninsured motorists. However, there are differences between a commercial auto insurance plan and your personal policy, which may involve eligibility, explanations, coverages, exclusions and boundaries.

Most commercial auto insurance in New Jersey is known as driver-only plans, which means just those motorists listed on the plan can drive and receive protection for the covered vehicle.

What are the coverages?

  • Bodily trauma liability coverage pays for bodily damage or death resulting from a car accident for which you have been deemed responsible. It will provide you with a legal defence.
  • House problems accountability coverage will provide you with security in case your vehicle accidentally damages another individual’s house. It will provide you with a legal safeguard.
  • Combined single limit offers volume coverage, whether dealing with physical injuries or home damage, one individual or many.

    Health care payments, no-mistake or accidental injury coverage usually covers the medical expenses of the driver and passengers inside your vehicle when they sustain injuries in a covered automobile accident irrespective of wrongdoing.
  • Uninsured driver coverage will pay for your injuries and, in many situations, certain residence problems brought on by an uninsured or perhaps a hit-and-run driver. Sometimes underinsured driver coverage can be included. This can be for circumstances where the at-fault motorist has insufficient insurance.
  • Comprehensive physical injury coverage will pay for damages or the cost of replacing your car or truck from thievery, damage, flood or fire.
  • Accident coverage will pay for vehicle damages in the event it strikes another object.

When purchasing a New Jersey commercial auto insurance policy, it is essential to take a look at potential dangers, your risk tolerance, the coverage that you desire, and the volume of coverage needed to protect damages to your vehicles. Commercial auto policies cover business automobiles, limos, taxi cabs, freight vans, buses, sport utility vehicles, pickups and other vehicles your enterprise owns or leases for company use.

Numerous small business owners end up relying on individual auto insurance for their requirements, but this is usually a foolhardy decision. If you are using your car to conduct business, there’s a high probability that your particular personal auto insurance policy is not going to appropriately cover the mishaps, bodily harm, or house damages that come from an accident with your covered automobile. This can put you personally at risk and threaten your small business.

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