Roof Replacement Cost

The average fee for Car roof Replacement cost  for maximum cars is between $975 and $1,050. This price considers labor expenses ranging between $seventy five and $one hundred fifty consistent with hours and the OEM licensed components to ensure the restoration is long-lasting and durable. 

By locating out the pattern car roof panel substitute expenses and the steps to changing your car roof liner, you could get a customized quote on your precise automobile make and model. Keep in mind the overall alternative price relies upon the severity of the damage, vicinity of harm, and the sort of car you power.

What is a Car roof panel?

An automobile roof, or vehicle-pinnacle, is the segment of the auto that sits above the passenger compartment. This car roof panel functions to guard the automobile’s driver and passengers from outdoor elements, whether or not it’s cold climate, solar, or extended precipitation. 

The automobile roof panel works to guard the occupants from solar, wind, rain, and other elements which can damage the motive force and passengers. The specific kinds of vehicle roofs include the convertible roof, hardtops, sunroofs, T-tops, Targa tops, and vinyl roofs. 


The convertible roof panel permits for an open-air riding revel in with the option of adding the roof while wished. Sadly, the drawbacks to this type of vehicle roof panel encompass the shortage of structural stress inside the vent of a crash. If the convertible’s roof gets broken in the course of a spoil, it may cause a better car roof panel alternative value. 


A hardtop is a rigid form of a roof constituted of steel and is both constant or detachable for separate storage to your automobile. 


The sunroof is a movable car roof panel that uncovers a window within the roof of your automobile, allowing light, climate, and fresh air into the passenger compartment. In case you word any troubles with the sunroof’s motor or glass, it could cause a luxurious vehicle roof panel substitute price. 


The T-pinnacle is a vehicle roof with a removable panel on every aspect of the inflexible bar from one bar’s center to the following structural bar. The panels are manufactured from safety glass and might increase person efficiency

Targa top 

 The Targa is a semi-convertible with a removable roof phase which could allow in solar and climate. If the width roll bar receives damage throughout a coincidence, it may result in an excessive vehicle roof panel replacement price. 


The vinyl roof is a vinyl covering for an automobile’s vehicle top. Sadly, this form of structure lacks pressure and safety, mainly due to a better car roof panel substitute cost.

Car Roof Panel repair cost

Sadly, vehicle roof panel harm can arise for any quantity of reasons – the maximum not unusual being inclement climate or hail storms. Although you can have the concept that you did the whole thing you had been imagined to and kept your car blanketed, leaving your vehicle outside in the course of a hailstorm will surely result in a high vehicle roof panel replacement price. 

Even if you checked your automobile for dents and inspected the roof after the hurricane, you may now not have observed any cracks or dents inside the roof panel. Just because you didn’t see it properly doesn’t suggest that it is not there – and this damage may want to spread over time. 

At this point, your next step needs to be to call the insurance corporation to report a hail harm declaration and prevent having to pay an excessive automobile roof panel substitute fee for climate damage. The only element you have left to do on this alternative system is to anticipate the legit vehicle roof panel alternative value estimate. 

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Sooner or later, you may get the reputable estimate for the auto roof panel replacement fee and decide if you want to get the method achieved at the local mechanic or dealership. 

Sample car Roof Panel alternative cost 

The common rate for a roof panel substitute fee varies relying on the type of product and the unique type of car. 

OER Roof Panel $27 – $381 

The OER roof panel is a reliable and high-quality substitute for your antique roof, ensuring it meets the OEM look, feature, and popularity. This roof panel is produced from durable substances for lengthy-lasting use and complies with all enterprise necessities to fulfill important safety standards. 

Dynacorn Roof Panel $72 – $945

The Dynacorn roof panel is customized and particular to the sure version’s desires primarily based on the development and shape of the automobile. This roof panel is built for a dependable and best product made with precise engineering to fulfill safety standards and performance requirements. 

Goodmark Roof Panel $76 – $458

The Goodmark roof panel is a good duplicate of the unique roof panel you are attempting to replace which will store money on the auto roof panel replacement value. This panel makes use of incredible sheet metal and is designed with the modern day first-class software and present day tooling. 

This roof panel uses the equal dimensions because of the authentic manufacturing facility alternative element, ensuring the panel has a customized match for security and snugness. 

TriPlus roof Panel $82 – $97

The TriPlus roof panel is developed to satisfy the strictest of enterprise requirements and presents the same parameters because the authentic element to ensure a snug and comfortable match based totally on the particular kind of vehicle you own. 

Vehicle steel Direct Roof Panel $279 – $699

The car metallic Direct roof panel uses pinnacle-pleasant sheet metallic components to satisfy strict enterprise requirements and meet the authentic parameters. The usage of the excellent OF gauge steel, this roof panel is long lasting for multiple years. 

Car Roof Liner restore value

Your automobile roof liner can substantially have an effect on the auto roof panel alternative cost. Your automobile roof liner, or headliner, usually tiers among $a hundred and fifty and $450 in common. But, the value varies depending on your automobile’s length, make, model, and year. It additionally takes into account the total cost of labor, which has an hourly rate of between $75 and $150, and the materials required to finish the roof panel and liner repair job.

What are the reasons for a damaged vehicle roof liner?

A car headliner can begin to disintegrate for diverse reasons and might affect the car roof panel replacement cost relying on the volume of the harm and repercussions. Permit’s see the main motives why the auto roof liner turns into worn down or broken over time. 


 put on and tear to the lining yr in and year out can wreak havoc at the indoors of your car. An older automobile is at a higher danger for growing imperfections, protection issues, and aesthetic issues, like a sagging headliner. 

Glue – over the years, adhesive, polyurethane, or vehicle glue starts to interrupt down over time, ensuing in a damaged headliner and sagging roof liner. If the glue now does not stick, it is able to result in an automobile roof panel replacement price. 


 In particular , if you constantly feel pressure and live in a hot and humid environment, leaving your windows down overnight or even driving can motivate extra moisture to pool within the headliner’s adhesive. This may reason the roof liner to sag much quicker, inflicting an expensive car roof panel substitute cost. 

How a whole lot does it value to update the headliner?

The whole price of changing the headliner ranges between $a hundred and fifty and $450, inflicting the car roof panel replacement value to skyrocket. The price relies upon different factors, like the make and version of your vehicle, the volume of the damage, and some other issues induced by the shape of the car. 

Restore place 

The labor expenses of changing the headliner vary based totally on whether you visit a specialist, mechanic, or car dealership. It is probably much less high-priced to deliver your automobile to a mechanic who focuses on operating on your certain automobile version, like a Ford, instead of bringing your vehicle to a localized body store that does not recognize how to work on your certain car. In case you go to an area that has the substitute components, it’ll value tons less in phrases of labor.


Similarly, the material and accessibility to the headliner motive an extra luxurious automobile roof panel alternative fee and liner restore fee. If your vehicle has unique material used inside the roof liner, it could be greater, high -priced and longer to do the process. 

Roof Liner length

Lastly, the dimensions of the roof liner can affect the rate of the auto roof panel alternative cost. Reupholstering a bigger automobile, like a luxurious truck or minivan, could be extra costly than changing the headliner in a smaller automobile, like a sedan or Mini automobile. 

The bottom Line

By identifying the average vehicle roof panel substitute price, you need to remember various factors like the make and model of the auto, the vicinity of harm, the severity of the harm, and the entire charge of the roof liner substitute. The roof liner alternative fee is primarily based on the accessibility, roof liner size, and repair region. With the aid of thinking of the car roof panel rate and the roof liner alternative fee, you will get a median rate for important fixes in your vehicle.

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