Handy Tips before you buy Sunglasses Online for Men and Women

No matter what is your mood with a perfect pair of sunglasses for men and sunglasses for women, you can reflect your style and personality. When you buy sunglasses onlineThe Guilty Look, will never let you down. Embrace the feeling of fickle and fun, and transition from simple look to confident with sunglasses. In addition to protecting your eyes from dust, contaminants, and excess light, sunglasses can protect you from UV rays and glare.

Before you make an impulsive purchase keep a note of below tips when you buy sunglasses online for men or women-

  1. Consider Face Shape

An easy way to choose the right pair of glasses is to first check the shape of your face. This makes it easier to determine the type and size of the frame. Here’s an easy way to find the shape of your face. buy mens sunglasses

  • Stand in front of the mirror
  • Comb all your hair back and away from your face.
  • Mark the outline of the face in the mirror.
  • The contour should accurately indicate the shape.
  • Choose your frame size wisely

There’s a common assumption that you should choose a small frame for a small face, and vice versa. But remember, this should not to be confused with the coverage of sunglasses. This means that, regardless of the size of the frame, the glasses need to comfortably and evenly cover the eyes. There are 3 main parameters to help you select perfect pair-

Eye Size:Is the horizontal measurement from the outer edge to the inner edge of the lens.

Bridge Size:It is the distance between two lenses.

Temple Size: It is the length of this temple piece, also known as the arm piece.

  • Frame Shape to define your style

Shape as well as size is important. Always choose a frame to complement your face shape. Avoid round-faced styles and avoid square sunglasses if your face is square. Don’t let it flow into an attractive style. It may not work with your personality. aviator sunglasses for women

  • Focus on Lens Material

Your eyes are highly sensitive to light, hence lens selection should be done carefully as poor lens can impair your vision. To get distortion-free vision, buy sunglasses, and mount high-quality, durable lenses from The Guilty Look, where the material is chosen meticulously. Acrylic lenses are a bit cheaper, but they provide transparency.

  • Look for Lens Coating

Sunglasses for men and Sunglasses for women make their way through Wishlist to shopping cart if it comes with a UV protective coating. It protects your eyes from UV Radiations, paired with the anti-reflective coating, this provides a clearer view and reduces the stress and fatigue on the eyes.

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