Top main Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Houston?

Bicycle accidents can happen at any time. It could be your fault. It could also be the fault of a pedestrian or a vehicle driver. In any case, if you are riding a bicycle, you are more prone to get injured. If the accident is severe, you may also sustain serious injuries.

 You may need to be hospitalized. You get to hear many such hit and run cases as well which involves bicyclist. As more number of people prefer riding a bicycle to the worksite, so the chances of accidents are also higher.

 You need to get familiar with the top ten causes of bicycle accidents in Houston city, so you can take precautions. This is important for your safety.

Main causes of severe bicycle accidents

 Even if you are very cautious, there are still chances of an accident. You have to stay alert most of the time for your safety.

Vehicle encounter

The most common cause involves when a careless vehicle driver suddenly comes in the path of the bicyclist. This is mainly because the vehicle driver is not alert. If the driver is driving at high speeds, then it can result in a fatal accident.

You will encounter many drivers who are never cautious of their driving speed limits.

Encounters during changing lanes

If the car driver is not attentive, then he may miss out on noticing approaching cyclists from the side. This is when there are more chances of an accident. This is more common if the cyclist and the vehicle driver need to switch lanes at the signal point.

Pulling out vehicles

A cyclist may approach the junction point. Most vehicle drivers who are pulling out of the junction point may fail to notice the approaching cyclist. This is often due to the short distance between the cyclist and the junction point. It is not the fault of the cat driver, but accidents can get severe. Injuries are common at the junction points.

Opening vehicle door

Many times the vehicle owner may open the vehicle door without paying attention to the approaching bicyclist. If this happens, the cyclist will hit the vehicle door. There are chances that he could get injured if he rushes into the window section.

Bad road conditions

In many cases, bad road conditions can also be the main cause of road accidents between the bicyclist and the car driver. Even if the car driver is not involved, the bicyclist can slip and fall. Injuries are not easy to avoid in this case. Many cyclists suffer an accident on this account. In many cases, the falls can be dangerous if the road is next to a steep slope.

Bad riding skills

 These types of accidents are common amongst teen cyclists. They are used to styling when riding a new bicycle. They may also pose serious threats to pedestrians on the road. The cyclist needs to stay cautious when riding on the road. If the road is busy, then do not style. It can be your expensive mistake. Some accidents are irreversible. You may suffer permanent disability.

Injury types a bicyclist could suffer.

 In the above section, you got familiar with the top main causes of bicycle accidents in Houston. It is also important to get familiar with the type of injury you may suffer. This is important so precautions and safety can be observed on time.

Tissue injuries

In any case, bicyclists have to suffer from open tissue injuries. It could leave them with a painful open wound. Taking a right medical assistance is important.

Soft tissue injuries

 Soft tissues and ligaments can easily get damaged. Rashes and bruises are common. This type of damage is potential if the bicyclist falls from the bicycle after the accident. If the terrain is rough, then the injury can also be more severe.


 Any fall can result in the development of fracture-like conditions. If the fall was serious, then bone fracture may also be serious. You may be forced to take bed rest for over a month. In most cases, victims are also left with permanent mobility issues

Spine and head injuries

 If you fall on a concrete surface, then head and spine injuries are very common. You may have to compromise for your lifetime. It could leave you with a permanent disability as well. Do not make it a habit to ride a bicycle carelessly. It could risk your life. You can be a threat to others as well. Road accidents should always be avoided as much as possible. Taking safety is the only best remedy.

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