2 Most Popular Cannabis Business Social Network

It might seem impossible to share your cannabis products and services on social media if you own cannabis business. It’s impossible to be more wrong! We understand how frustrating it can be to see these restrictions and limitations in digital marketing. We will help you overcome these hurdles and give you some tips about cannabis business social network.

Many people are starting to see that there are quite a few good reasons to start a cannabis business. It’s now easier than ever before to buy marijuana online in discreet packaging and to have it delivered directly to your door without the hassle of having to go through a background check. 

But even though many states are seeing the legalized recreational use of marijuana, it’s still illegal to sell any marijuana, even to those who are legally allowed to do so under state law. 

That means that many entrepreneurs miss out on the chance to profit from an industry that is projected to be worth over $14 billion in the United States alone.

So why should marijuana enthusiasts consider starting a cannabis business social network

There are many different reasons, including the fact that it’s simply easier to get involved. Whether you live in Colorado, DC, or even Minnesota, you’ll have access to other marijuana enthusiasts on the web. 

You can share information about shops, clubs, and other ways to cultivate, buy and sell pot legally. 

You may find that the two most popular websites, Leafwire and Theweedblog, can boast millions of reader’s right across the country.

But that’s not the only reason to start a cannabis business social network. While it’s easy to communicate with other enthusiasts, it’s also easy to share information about the different types of marijuana. 

For example, you can learn about the differences between Indoor and Outdoor, how the differences between Sativa and indica differ, and the differences between Jamaica Blueberry and Jamaican Black. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the different types, you can use a forum like grasscity forums. The site is very easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information for anyone interested.

Cannabis Business Social Network


A great way to get started in the cannabis business is to start a profile at Leafwire, a community-based website that allows you to create your profile, join groups, and even create groups with other individuals you know. 

By creating a profile at Leafwire, you can upload a photo, write some basic information about yourself, such as your age and where you live and then start networking. 

When you begin to upload pictures, videos, or written information about yourself, you will be linked to various forums and websites. When you start learning about cannabis businesses and communicating with fellow enthusiasts, 

you’ll quickly see why Leafwire is one of the most popular sites for cannabis businesses.

While many users are looking for information about their buds, some users are looking for a forum to socialize and meet fellow cannabis clients. 

On this section of the cannabis business social network, users can talk about their latest purchase, discuss their current problems, ask questions, comment on Cannabist bud types, etc. This section has rapidly become very popular. 

Recently, the site has added “heat” to its offerings by offering special contests and quizzes. Winning a heated battle can get you top billing on the homepage.


The Weed Blog is a site that Chris Carpenter started, and it is a blog dedicated to the medical marijuana industry. Many people may not realize that many states are in conflict with each other over the use of this plant for medicinal purposes, but the two sides have very little in common. 

This article will give you an idea of what The Weed Blog is all about, as well as the views of those who agree with Carpenter’s thoughts on the subject. This article will also give you an idea of the numerous advertisements found on the site, which can lead to some confusion.

The first thing that you need to know about The Weed Blog is that it is focused on the health benefits of marijuana as a whole. While many people will see the site as another commercial for marijuana, Carpenter is evident that his focus is the medicinal benefits of this plant. He will even show you the correlation between marijuana and many different types of cancers and offer the incredible benefits of CBD.

One of the most exciting things you can find at The Weed Blog is that it is entirely legal. Unlike many other weed blogs out there, this one is completely legitimate and has no plan behind it other than informing others of the available information. 

The sole purpose of this blog is to provide those interested in learning more about marijuana with a place to learn. They do not wish to sell any products or make any money from the information provided. If you are looking for a legal way to get the information you are looking for, this blog is the place to go.

Cannabis Social Network

The third section of the cannabis business social network resembles an ordinary social networking site. Users can choose to sign up to become friends with other like-minded people, write on Blog topics they are interested in, send mass messages to other users on the site, or comment on news articles and blogs. 

Some of the most popular networking sites for cannabis businesses include Denver LinkedIn, Yelp, and the likes of Facebook, WordPress, MySpace, and LinkedIn.

Since the launch of new social networks, like-minded people have had to do some work to make sure their businesses remain viable in the online world. 

The purpose of social networks is to make social connections, and those connections translate into customers and profits. 

Many entrepreneurs have found it challenging to find and develop lasting relationships online, although most people are friendly and open-minded. It takes work to attract and keep customers.


This is not a complete list of all cannabis business social networks. However, you must take part in them if your business or venture into the cannabis industry.

All of them are professionally managed with the lofty goal of connecting marijuana enthusiasts and businesses for the common good.

Are you part of these social media networks? Are there any we have missed? We would love to hear your comments in the comment section below.

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