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If you are that concerned, know that you could add interior second wall to isolate the noise (lots of other methods) IF you can construct such changes in the apartment. Other than that, the floorplans won’t provide too much info unless it was building plans to show construction methods and materials.

Can you tell which apartments would experience the least noise out of all others?

I want help to make a better choice this time in regards to bass invading my space. There will also be a rooftop pool so I want to know which side of the building would be best. Which would be second to best and worst.

If someone is into architectural acoustics and could message me, I’ll show you the apartment building plans.

Thank you so much for your help.

Reducing vibration transmission and changing from machnical motion to heat with fiberglass between two walls is one form of reduction. Many other designs is in the book Audio Cyclopedia, the figure in the link is a wall cross section with a window for a recording studio control room. I study acoustic engineering at NYU in the mid 70s for my sound reinforcement hobby but my 9 to 5 job was and I’m now retired Aerospace Quality Engineer and Metrologist (hunting submarines was one program)

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