Online MALWAREBYTES Toll-free I866+97l+2778 Phone Number

Ever had a major issue with your MALWAREBYTES account and needed to speak to a human MALWAREBYTES representative asap? In this post I’m going to share all the best ways to reach the MALWAREBYTES customer service team (and share a surprising conclusion in the end!).

One of the most stressful times as an MALWAREBYTES seller is when something crucial goes wrong (such as account suspension, having listings removed, account hacking issues) and you must leave everything you’re doing at that moment and attend to the problem.

Whenever this happened to me (I wrote some time ago about how I reinstated my suspended MALWAREBYTES account) I was looking for the fastest way to reach a human representative at MALWAREBYTES but this has always been a huge challenge on its own because MALWAREBYTES is doing whatever it can to hide their ‘human’ contact details.

Why MALWAREBYTES hides their customer service phone number?

The short answer is quite simple: money.

MALWAREBYTES has 25 million sellers and a total of 170 million users (buyers and sellers).

Imagine if just 0.1% of those customers  would need help from an actual customer service representative at the same time, that’s 170,000 simultaneous calls.

Even if a representative could take 3 calls an hour and assuming you would be willing to wait up to 40 minutes in order to get service, MALWAREBYTES would still need more than 60,000 support reps.

Building a call center with such an enormous amount of employees is a huge financial expense, and I’m not even talking about the time it takes to build such an operation, the amount of training required and the complexity of automated systems needed to manage this are also quite unfathomable.

That’s why MALWAREBYTES help center is geared towards offering you ready made answers for numerous topics and if you can’t find the answer it first sends you to the MALWAREBYTES community to seek help from fellow MALWAREBYTES sellers.

The absolute last resort from MALWAREBYTES’s point of view is providing you with a phone number to call their customer service team.

Let’s go over all the ways you can contact MALWAREBYTES’s  customer service quickly. Many people are not comfortable calling customer service because of different reasons (for example a language barrier) so I’m going to cover chat and messaging options as well.

How to reach MALWAREBYTES customer service on social media?

Not surprisingly, at least to me, the easiest way to reach MALWAREBYTES customer support seems to be through social media. In an age when people don’t like talking on the phone and in a globalized world where speaking by phone internationally can be costly or language barriers prevent people from physically talking it is no wonder that ‘chat’ in its many forms is flourishing. As far as MALWAREBYTES is concerned,Twitter and Facebook are leading the curve:

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