5 Advantages of Softwall Cleanrooms in the medical devices industry

Do you recall those days when your mother would nag you constantly for not having a cleanroom? Well, today, the idea of a cleanroom is no more just limited to the domestic space. These days technology has ensured that the notion of a cleanroom extends to an entirely new level. If you check closely, then you would see several types of industries use the term “clean room” repeatedly and emphasize its crucial nature. Industries like the medical device manufacturing units, the biotech or pharma companies, semiconductor industries, and even the food processing and packing industry stress heavily on having clean rooms in their working environments. Hence, obviously, the cleanroom is essential, and in this article, you will learn about five specific benefits that they bring.

What is the cleanroom?

The cleanroom is mainly a room or space which has a specific, controlled environment that can prevent any type of contamination which is caused because of pollutants like specks of dust, particulate matter, toxic elements, microbes, and even water vapor. The cleanrooms will use specialized technology that can aid in producing high-quality devices by ensuring strict control over several environmental factors like temperature, air pressure, and of course, humidity levels. Hence, the cleanroom is in high demand within the medical and pharma industry specifically. In fact, the demand for acquiring cleanroom technology is so high that modular cleanrooms have increased their value multiple times in the last few years. While the cleanroom industry had a valuation of around a billion dollars in 2015, today, it has a market valuation of over 20 billion dollars. Most of this demand comes from the medical device manufacturing industry, which has seen a surge in production after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In fact, clean rooms are especially important in medical facilities where the safety and reliability of medical devices are imperative and non-negotiable. In the following segments, you will learn more about the benefits of cleanroom in the medical device manufacturing industry.

Essential benefits of Cleanrooms in the medical industry

 No Contamination

Contamination, specifical contamination through particulate matter in the air, can be a very irritating problem for medical device manufacturers. Such contaminants can easily compromise the reliability of a medical device. For instance, just a dust particle from human hair can destroy an entire ECG machine worth around 1000 dollars. Hence, you will need to control the whole working environment to ensure such contamination does not occur. A cleanroom will do this precisely and eliminate all unnecessary air-borne contaminants by tightly regulating and controlling the rate and directions of the airflow and its temperature, pressure, and humidity levels. 

 Better customization options

Softwall Cleanrooms can be customized to suit the requirements of various device manufacturing services. Different medical devices will require different working environments, and a clean room can adjust accordingly. Thus, you can produce different types of medical devices from within the same working space by having a cleanroom. 

 Higher product portfolio

When you switch to clean rooms, you can be certain that your medical devices will be able to surpass the specific standardizations mandated by regulatory authorities for medical devices. Hence, it will be able to enhance your product’s portfolio and boost your company’s ranking within the global markets. The cleanroom equipment can help in making your products become technically superior.

Comply with the government policies

Every government has a strict view on hygiene and quality standards for medical devices. With a clean room, you can be sure that you will be able to comply with these policies. In fact, your cleanroom will just be a one-time investment that can help your company go a long way into the future and increase your revenues many times over. 

Better brand Image

Softwall Cleanrooms can help your company acquire a better brand image. You will have a more sophisticated image for your company and build more customer loyalty. Different medical facilities will want to purchase your products because they would be able to trust your production process.


These are some major benefits of having modular clean rooms in the medical device manufacturing industry. With more research, you can see more improvements in clean rooms in the future, and hence, it will continue to remain in great demand across industries. A cleanroom can be crucial for medical device manufacturing units because it will give a sense of reliability to the products. 

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