Tips To Fix The Non-working Refrigerator

Refrigerators are an essential thing in our household. Generally, the average lifespan of a refrigerator is 16-17 years. Sometimes it happens that our refrigerator does not work properly. And it is a sad situation to have one of your most essential appliances down. A non-working refrigerator can spoil the food inside and eventually create a mess at your home.

It is a common thing that many home appliances have problems with continuous usage or with Time. But no worries, you can fix it with some hacks. In this guide, we will give you some tips to recondition the fridge back on track. And you can also contact to Refrigerator Repair Service Gurgaon. It discusses the important parts to check your refrigerator and how to fix them. There can be various things that are not working properly.

Here are the steps to practice when you find a faulty refrigerator.

  1. Create Bigger Space In Your Fridge

We often burdened our fridge with loads of foodstuff and other things, but it is not a good idea to overstuff your refrigerator because it can limit the air circulation. And it affects the performance of your refrigerator.

Overstressing the fridge makes it unsuitable for storing more food. If this also happens with you, consider freeing up more space. For maximum performance, 2/3 of your refrigerator’s space should be free.

  1. Customize The Thermostat According To The Requirement

When you have a dysfunctional or out-of-position thermostat, it can be the reason your fridge is not working properly. Many times, we interfere with the thermostat while cleaning or handling some ingredients. Fixing the thermostat should be an easy thing.

When you set a higher-than-average temperature, then it can pump your thermostat. Various refrigerator models have knobs that are used to increase or lower the refrigerator’s temperature. If the knob gets jolted, it possibly could increase your refrigerator’s temperature, decreasing the cooling effect. You must get back the thermostat settings to normal, and it will recommence optimal performance.

  1. Cleaning The Inside Vents

Many times your fridge has downtime perhaps because of lacking proper air circulation. As air movement is very important in the refrigerator’s cooling process, it should be flowing into the different sections and back to the compressor freely.

You have to search vents both in the freezer and refrigerator segments and eliminate anything that blocks them. There should be no blockage in the vents’ way. It would help if you cleared the vents for maximum cooling and optimal performance.

  1. Check The Power Plug

When your power plug didn’t function well enough as required, then electricity can be the reason. You must examine your power system to remove the problem.

You have to check whether the power system is operating correctly before thinking of asking a technician to come. Without a proper power supply, your fridge’s compressor can’t run, and because of this, the food won’t stay cold. It can be a loose connection or a faulty socket. You have to fix the plug or power cable to avoid loading the garbage bin.

  1. Examine The Door Gaskets

If you notice the refrigerator is not cooling, it might be because of cold air leakage. The door gaskets usually help in holding the cool air inside the fridge and stopping leakage.

Sometimes gaskets are not in the right position then air disappears, denying your food the required cold hair supply. You must inspect if the gaskets are correctly in place and whether or not they have dust. You must clear the gasket with a bleach solution and if you notice any visible damage, then consider replacing them.

  1. Check The Door Switch

There can also be a problem with the door switch. Some refrigerators stop cooling when the door is open or when the switch is damaged.

Usually, when the door is open, many refrigerators stop cooling the food. This is an automated function, and an obstacle in the door switch may prevent cooling food.

When you switch on the door, and the light goes off, then it’s working pleasantly. If it is not happening, then that means you have to fix the door switch.

  1. Review The Mechanism Underneath

The crucial element of a fridge is it’s underneath system. This is the part that is home to all-important elements such as the fan, coil, and compressor. These elements are the heart and backbone of your refrigerator, and without them, everything else is unimportant. If your refrigerator is not cooling properly, one of these elements may be messy or out of place.

You have to clear the mechanisms below this appliance. The below fundamental elements are affected by trash or dust, which limits maximum performance.

When you clean your refrigerator, you must turn off your fridge, clean every part, and then switch it on. You will mark a change in this way. To avoid electric shock, always ensure that the switch isn’t plugged into the power source. Just take the help of a soft brush and vacuum cleaner to get the dirt out of the coils. But don’t use any harsh chemicals or hard materials as it can damage the coils.

Is Your Refrigerator Not Functioning Properly? It’s Time To Take Action

If you have already tried all these DIYs and your refrigerator is still not cooling, then you should contact a Refrigerator Repair Service. You have to search for someone who is experienced in handling refrigerators.

Possibly, you didn’t know the technical things that end up destroying what you could have saved. So, search for a technician when the refrigerator is not working properly and not cooling.

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