A Guide on How to Pick a Combination Lock with a Paperclip

Learning how to pick a lock can come in handy in an emergency. Lock picking is a critical survival skill on which your life may someday depend. But, if your car or apartment lock has ever stuck out, you know how inconvenient this can be. Hiring a Lock repair and replacement service in Oak Park would take extra time and money.

If you want to avoid this in the future, keep reading to find out how to pick a combination lock with a paperclip. Keep in mind that this article aims to assist you in an emergency. It is not to encourage criminal behavior. 

Advantages of picking a lock:

Learning how to pick a lock has many advantages. First, this skill can come in handy in an emergency and could even lead to a profession for you. Furthermore, it may teach you how to conserve money and time. Finally, it may also teach you how to endure various conditions.

Practical uses:

According to the Lock Installation service in Oak Park, picking a lock has many practical uses. Some are as follow: 

  • When your keys are missing, you’ll need to find a way to get in

People forget or lose their keys many times. Losing your keys means, of course, that you lock your room, your car, or even your house. You can also lose access to assets held in a locker or safe. You often have various options to enter your home when they are often outside your control. Hiring a Lock repair and replacement service in Oak Park to keep your door open is one option. You might also pick the lock on your own. You can also save time and money if you have this skill.

  • Improved Survival Chances

Knowing how to pick a lock might be helpful in a disaster or an emergency. If a loved one is at risk or locked inside a room, for example, you may get the person out right away by picking the lock. Lock picking can also help you escape if you find yourself in a position where you are being kept captive.

Another situation where you can use this expertise is in the event of a natural disaster. For example, if you are in a storm, you will need to seek refuge. In the worst-case scenario, you may have no choice but to break into an abandoned building to stay alive. You would have a better chance of surviving such disasters if you learn how to pick a lock.

  • New Career Opportunity

According to the Lock Installation service in Oak Park, you could be able to find a new job. With a lockpicking skill, you can also start a business. Besides, being a skilled locksmith might help you earn a livelihood. If you already have work, you can use your skill as a side job to increase your income.

Combination Locks

Combination locks are one of the most used forms of locks for lockers and other goods. These locks got their name from the fact that they need a combination of three numbers to open. Thus, to prop the lock open, you need to come to a halt on a specific set of numbers that is unique to your lock. While a combination lock does not need a key to open, you may forget the exact combination. In this case, you can use paper clips to open a combination lock.

Material used:

Paper clips will become small lock picks and tension wrenches. These can be regular paper clips. But, the thicker and more significant the paper clips are, the better. You will be putting much strain on these improvised tools. Paperclips tend to snap on you. But, be careful not to break it in the lock!

Picking a combination lock

Uncoil one side of your paper clip while keeping the other bent. Insert your paperclip into the hole above the shackle, near the locking system. Press your paper clip down and press it as far as it will go into the hole.

Tap your paper clip against the wheels as you turn them one at a time. Continue tapping and turning the wheels until the release of the shackle and the pins fall.

Repeat this process till the pin lands on the last level. When this process has passed, you will be able to see a combination on both the front and back of your lock. It would help if you were on the lookout for the latter’s combination, as it indicates the current code on the lock.

Now, move the wheels over to the shackle side to get the code. Lock repair and replacement service in Oak Park tell counting the numbers from your current gateway code up to the side. Next, lift the lock by moving the wheels on each row one click at a time. If it doesn’t open, keep moving the wheels until it does.


According to the Lock Installation service in Oak Park, specific tips might help you pick a lock.

  • If you use too much force on your tension wrench, the paper clip may break, leaving a bit of it inside the lock.
  • Paperclips can be challenging to remove if they become stuck within a lock. , this leaves the lock irreparable, necessitating its replacement. You should not use paper for lockpicking if you have a large hand. Stronger materials, so, might be the better option. Obtaining a lock picking kit is also a wise choice if you are prone to misplacing your keys.


There are many different tools and ways for picking a lock besides the one described in this article. According to the Lock repair and replacement service in Oak Park, there are various alternatives to access your possessions or enter the home you should only use in an emergency. The ability to pick locks can assist you in escaping an unfavorable circumstance. It may even save your life at some point.

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