How Is Ethernet More Convenient

Ethernet is the most the safest and easiest way to connect other devices with the computer using wired cables. In technical terms, it is called a Local area Network(LAN), Metropolitan area network(MAN), Wide area network(WAN). As per records, this system was developed by XEROX company for better communication of devices in their own offices. In modern times Ethernet bridge and advance quality of ethernet cables are being used for better output. In this article, we would get to know more about ethernet and its usage. 

  1. Security

In recent times we have seen that systems of many companies are being hacked. Where wi-fi is being used that system is more vulnerable to hackers. Ethernet-based systems are supposed to be more secure, as we can impose more restrictions on this, by using strong encryption and better firewalls. Due to this, they are less vulnerable to attacks by hackers. In the current age of the Internet of Things(IoT) due to wireless connection, we are using more and more devices. Due to the ease of addition of new devices, there is more chance of attack from that particular device. 

On the other hand, if we consider the ethernet connections which are wired they provide better safety measures and security to the network. Due to the physical network, hackers would find it very difficult to entire or attack the system. In general, it has been found that hackers use a wi-fi network to break into the system.

  1. Latency

In technical terms, latency is the time taken by the data to reach its final destination from its first source. One of the major factors affecting the latency is the distance between the source and the destination. We can say that a good latency should be under 30ms. If we are using a wired connection then we can expect to have a low rate of latency which is a very important factor as it may cause a delay in the transfer of data from source to the destination.

If we take the case of home users latency is not a big factor, but in the case of office-based users, it has a far-reaching effect. If you consider each of your tasks takes some more milliseconds to complete, consider the impact it would have on your daily task which you need to complete on daily basis. If other employees are facing similar issues the amount of impact it can have on the business is huge. If we have to in consideration the wi-fi system then latency is part of that system, we need to learn to live with it. So 

  1. Speed

More and more people are using wi-fi to achieve lightning speed. But when it comes to the wired system wherein we are using ethernet cables of category 7 it can transfer data up to 10Gbps. If we compare this with the wi-fi speed then wired ethernet systems are way ahead in the speed parameter. In an office, an environment where a huge number of users are using the network to transfer the data a slight delay in the system would hamper in a big way. The term “Time is Money” suits this condition as due to faster speed work does not get hampered, in a wi-fi system the speed is an issue. If you are streaming videos then you should be aware of what is smartbyte, this system would provide you good and better speed while watching videos.

  1. Interference

As we all know that no two offices look similar, but this is not the case wherein wi-fi systems are being used for them a building made out of glass or any other material would not be able to stop anyone from access the system. Anyone and everyone sitting within the desired limit where they can access the network can interfere in the network and cause trouble in the system. 

On the other hand, if we consider public places such as hotels, cafes, railways stations, airports, and similar public places wi-fi systems are suitable for these locations. But when it comes to office space, be it government or private office it has to protect by using a wired network only. No compromise should be done on this front.


In modern times ethernet has been a boon for office environments wherein the safety and security of client data should be given out most importance. If we look at the above-mentioned points we can say that the world is safe and secure due to the ethernet system and its popularity is increasing day by day. With the advancement in technology, more and corporates and government agencies are giving preference to the ethernet system over the wi-fi system. Their faith in ethernet-based systems has got stronger as there have been many incidents in recent times wherein hackers are trying to attack the companies secure systems.

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