COVID 19 Relief Services Need Unrelenting Support to beat the Pandemic

The pandemic has wreaked havoc with all our lives and many of us have been fortunate enough to be able to not just afford quality treatment but stay safe at home. However, not everyone has shared the same privilege. Many poor people who were living in the remote parts of the country cannot even afford the basic treatments, let alone the advanced treatments for severe conditions. Support COVID 19 relief services since they are doing a phenomenal job reaching such individuals and giving them more than just an opportunity to beat the virus.

The Second Wave that shook the country

The second wave hit the country with such force that the country is still recovering from the effects. The worst was at the beginning when the country suddenly witnessed crisis of shortage in hospital beds, followed by the shortage of oxygen supply for medical uses and finally the black fungus infection that was taking lives. Many good Samaritans, NGOs and even doctors’ associations were setting up health camps near the rural areas and urban slums to help people who were unable to get aid from government agencies. The government hospitals were tottering under the never-ending case load and the COVID 19 relief services provided by non-government organizations helped in ease the burden in a great way. They have not only provided medical aid and essential supplies like oxygen tanks, but also ensured every patient was examined by a doctor. Many patients who could not be quarantined at home due to space constraints or in the hospitals due to unavailability of beds were given proper beds and treatments for the 14 days compulsory quarantine period.

Moving for change

Though, the worst of the second wave is over, there are still many metro cities that are continuing to get at least 10,000 cases daily. Many of the patients are from below poverty line families and can barely afford to purchase basic medication and hygiene products like sanitizers, masks, gloves and so on. The COVID 19 relief services have provided these basic requirements and also ensured people get pulse oximeters and thermometers so that they can monitor themselves.

Doctors have been the backbone for improving medical infrastructure and practices so that every individual gets medical care and attention. They have supported the government and non-government organizations in various capacities, sharing their technical expertise in decision-making of how to handle the pandemic, what protocols to follow, which ones to discard; what course of medication and treatment to take up, development of vaccines, research and most importantly how to prepare for the future. The reassuring presence of a doctor, even when they were masked behind the PPE kit has given hope to many patients and their families.

Many doctors have practically moved out of their homes or quarantined themselves to protect their families from them. They have witnessed the pain of losing a patient to the disease, small joys and immense relief of saving the lives of many of their patients and even the desperation at the inability to help everyone.

Doctors’ associations have done phenomenal work, untiringly providing services to those who cannot afford it or reaching out to those who stay far. They must be supported to ensure that no patient is deprived of their care, or no doctor should have the sound of desperation due to their inability to ensure that their patient is unable to receive medical attention. Hence, donate for medical students so that hospitals can be built in regions where there are none.

Donate for medical students online

Medical students graduating in this period are the ones that have been hit worst as many are form poor families and cannot afford to continue their education. The one year in delay of course has thrown their financial planning into a toss. Support them, donate for medical students – in cash in the form of financial aid or scholarships or in kind in the form of medical textbooks, laptops, journal subscriptions, buying them medical tools etc.

We need the support of doctors to beat this pandemic or any other medical emergency that comes in future. Donate for doctors and for the medical profession. Donate for patients and those who have the right to medical aid even if they do not have the finances.

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