Durability Factor in Choosing Silk Rugs for Your Home

Do you want to know about the perfect Silk Oriental rug? If yes, then you must be worried about the maintenance or durability factor. It is important to choose good quality silk rugs so that they can fulfil your exact purpose. This blogpost discusses about answers to the questions for silk rugs and what it requires to know you treat inherited or new silk carpet or Oriental rug with proper care.

What you should know about real silk rugs

Silk is generally made from silkworm cocoons and is admired for its beauty andluster. There are some factors such as – the diet of worm, climate and where the worm stays for leaving an effect on the luster of silk andcolor retention properties.

Silk is a natural fiber like wool and cotton though it is considered to be the most delicate of the three. Silk fibersseem to break easily and so, special care should be taken when you only want to opt forsilk Oriental carpet or rug. Another thing to consider for silk fiber is that it does not have any memory and has the tendency to lose shape when is pulled or gets wet. This will help in the addition to its delicate quality.

How you can differentiate between artificial and real silk

The price factor is considered to be the most distinguishing feature and real silk is costly. Certain manufacturers can copy the softness, luster and sheenof silkbut real silk has the feeling of luxury silk carpet due to its smoothness, luxuriousness and somewhat waxy texture.

Real silk will shave minor grooves or bumps in the weave while artificial silk has a smooth and even weave. Though artificial silk cannot hold colorlike real silk, it wears down quickly. On the other hand, acrylic and viscose seem to throw apart and they can accumulate dirt easily. So, they become fade or yellow with age. Polyster, acrylic, rayon and viscose will not be luxurious like real silk.

The quickest way to know if a rug is 100% silk or not is by rubbing its fringevigorously. If the fabric becomes warm, then the material is silk as it has the properties of retaining some heat. But fake silk will not and cannot ensure foot traffic the way real silk can.

How you can take care of your silk rug

When you want to own a silk rug or super thick luxury carpet, you will have to pay for it for taking proper care. A silk rug with proper care will restore its good looks for long.

One of the effective ways for cleaning silk rug is taking brushless vacuum along with low suction. You need to sweep gently by using a broom to get rid of the debris and dirt from the surface before it is embedded deep inside the pile and gets more difficult to remove.

For liquid spills, you have to blot it out immediately by using dry and clean cloth. Make sure you do not scrape at spills since the fiberscan break or be pulled out of its shape.

Apart from sweeping or vacuuming, make sure you do not shampoo or deep clean silk rugs at home. When you use soap and water for cleaning rugs at home, this can cause further damage beyond repair. It is a wise decsion to get your silk rug cleaned by the professionals.

Due to its delicacy factor, real silk is more resilient for usage and can bear foot traffic without reavealing how fake silk does not. It is suggested that you take good care of your silk rugs so that they can hold its beauty and grace with age.

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