Assistance services: what are the differentials of good life insurance?

Insurance is one of the pillars that support   family financial planning , as more and more Brazilians have awakened to the need to protect their assets and that of their families. In this post, we are going to talk about a   very useful coverage within life insurance: assistance services.

So, if you think that the only advantage of an insurance is the coverage related to life and property, you will be surprised by the plethora of assistance that even the most basic plan can provide for your family. Read on and learn more!

First of all, what is life insurance?

Perhaps it is easier to understand what life insurance is   if we think of it as personal insurance. The idea is to ensure that children, spouses, family members and even other dependents can count on some support in case the provider fails. That’s the main idea.

In practice, there is a huge diversity of types of life insurance on the market. This is because the coverage must be contracted according to the needs of each insured.

We can say that we start with the basics, which is the protection of the family or other beneficiaries specified in the policy, but we can add protection for the insured, as in the case of  serious illnesses  and  incapacity  for work, for example, in addition to the provision of care services.

And what are these such assistance services?

Contrary to what many might imagine, life insurance benefits do not start to take effect only with the insured’s death, illness or disability.

In addition to the peace of mind provided by knowing that at least the immediate support of the family will be guaranteed, there are many coverages that provide several other advantages for the insured.

A great example is that of  redeemable life insurance , which mixes elements of insurance and investment. In this case, at the same time as we protect the loved ones, we also apply resources to help in the future, whether with the  education of children or with a  more comfortable retirement .

Our objects of analysis in this post are, however, assistance services, ready-to-deliver solutions provided by the insurance company especially developed for small everyday incidents that, when added up, can cause great harm.

What are the benefits of having a care services package?

It is true that the purpose of a life insurance policy is directly linked to its ability to provide the family with conditions to restructure and have financial guarantees in the event of loss of income.

However, additional assistance can be of great help in day-to-day unforeseen circumstances. Check out the main advantages of this type of service below.

Greater tranquility in everyday activities

Assistance services are activated when minor events occur, such as plumbing problems, a short circuit in the house or the need for a tow truck, depending on the contracted plan.

Although they do not involve a loss similar to that of a claim, they can greatly disrupt our daily activities.

With insurance with assistance services, you have much more peace of mind, since, in the event of an unforeseen event, a phone call will be enough to solve your problem.

Agility in providing services

Another big advantage is agility. When these incidents occur, we need a service in an emergency, but it is difficult to find a good professional and with a price that fits in our pocket. By the time you look for a contact and make sure he comes to resolve the situation, a lot of time has already been lost.

However, with an insurance that guarantees this type of coverage, you don’t need to get lost looking for service providers for a solution. Just call the insurance company and it will send a qualified professional or indicate contacts ready to help you, and without delay.

Wide variety of assists

Insurers provide a wide range of services that will meet your needs. There are items that include your car, your home, your health, your pets and even your food.

Assistance in emergency and unforeseen situations, guaranteed peace of mind, in addition to immediate health care. Is it or is it not more tranquility and convenience for your daily life? Understand better how these services work!

What are the biggest differentials of a good assistance services package?

From now on, we will present the best solutions offered by the market in terms of assistance services so that you can map your needs.

Generally, this package is made available to the insured, who can use the service a limited number of times a year, upon payment of a small fee.

locksmith service

Losing keys is a small problem, but it can cause the biggest headache when we’re locked out at 2:30 am, for example.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to solve this problem with just one phone call to a 0800 number that receives calls 24 hours a day? Your insurance can provide!

residential cleaning

Have you ever thought if your house floods or has some other problem that makes it literally uninhabitable? In that case, a good life insurance can provide the residential cleaning service.

electrician service

The wires that run through the entire structure of houses carrying electricity to light bulbs and sockets have a validity of 5 to 10 years of use, did you know? Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this fact, so much so that there are many buildings built 20, 30 years ago or even more, but that have never had the wiring changed.

As a result, the risk of electrical problems inside the home is not small — even more so when we take into account the so-called power spikes or other instabilities in the voltage of the current offered by the distributor.

In addition to the obvious risk of electrical shock and fire, electrical problems can also cause your energy bill to rise. This is because old wires lose a lot of energy in the form of heat, being less efficient in transmitting the load.

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