The problem of clogged vape and its solution!

Have you experienced that awful feeling when you try to vape and nothing comes out? It starts with a simple countdown, something like 3…2…1 nothing. You press the power button again, holding it this time, but still, the result is the same: no vapor, just flavorless juice on your tongue and in your mouth. It is so frustrating when you don’t get what you expected to have, but this only happens with the first vaping device because, after that, it can become a nightmare.

You know that you have to clean the tank of your vape pens, but how do you do it? Where to look for this mystery clog? It must have come from somewhere, right! And how do you prevent it from happening in the future?

Even if you don’t use the same vape tank all day long, after just a week, dust and other unwanted stuff can make their way into your coil. The build-up of residue is one of the biggest problems with vaping devices. Consequently, they require regular cleaning or else the residue build-up can cause a clogged vape, and it can eventually damage your device.

Best ways to unclog a vape

  • Hairdryer method: This method works best if the vape is blocked by oil. Take a hairdryer and start at a low setting to blow hot air directly onto the vape tank. 
  • Use a sharp object to unclog: Some everyday sharp objects you can use to do this include paper clips, thumbtacks, safety pins, or staples. 
  • Try blowing air into the vape or take dry hits from the device with the battery activated.

Safety first

Before we get into the fun part of cleaning your vape tanks, please make sure that the device is cooled down and all components (especially glass parts) have entirely cooled down too. When you are finished with the process, you should leave it to cool for 15 minutes before putting it together again. This will avoid any possibility of accidents. Also, use a cloth and don’t scratch the glass with your fingernails when you are cleaning it.

Moreover, you should make sure that your device is switched off before taking it apart; this will help prevent any damage from occurring while cleaning. Many vapers prefer to clean their tanks after every use, but it’s not a bad idea to clean them every two or three days. Remember that cleaning your tank after each vape session will maintain its performance and extend its life span.

What type of cleaning can I do on my vaping device?

There are various ways for you to clean your devices. You could use warm soapy water (diluted with water or e-liquid), isopropyl alcohol, glass cleaner or any other specialized wax vaporizer cleaning fluid. It is best to use either 99% isopropyl alcohol or ethyl glycol on a clean cloth. Why?

Because it is easy and fast! When cleaning the tank, you can also use another cloth for drying. In this way, the entire process will be quicker and a lot easier.

What is the best way to make use of these cleaning fluids?

Most vaping devices have their power setting and also different types of materials. Some devices are made out of all metal, while others have a glass or plastic components. Therefore, you should test the cleaning agents first on a small area on your device (for example, if you are using isopropyl alcohol, try it on the metal connector first to ensure no damage is done). This would prevent damaging your device and wasting money on cleaning fluids.

Another way of cleaning is to rinse the tank underwater with a tiny drop of soap in it if you prefer this method. Avoid using strong chemicals for cleaning purposes as they can cause damage to the vape device.

Important! Never use water when your coil is still wet after dripping e-liquid or juice into the tank. This could cause a short circuit and may even burn out the atomizer.

How should I clean my cartomizers?

If you are using cartomizers, make sure that the coil is dry before adding any more E-liquid. You can use your cotton bud to dry it out.

It would be best if you then remembered to rinse it in warm water to remove any excess fluid. Next, you will need to fill the tank with either isopropyl alcohol or ethyl glycol on a clean cloth. It doesn’t matter which of these two liquids you use (the only difference is that ethyl glycol has a faint taste of alcohol, whereas isopropyl doesn’t). 

Now, you can easily clean the base of your cartomizer by holding it upright or upside down. Then it would help if you placed a paper towel underneath your cartomizer to make sure that you do not get any cleaning liquid on your desk or table.

After around 10 seconds, you can rinse off the cartomizer and dry it with a clean cloth.

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