People of advanced age are more and more visible in our society. This is, among other things, because the older generations are increasingly important in the population, thanks to the excellent news that the longevity shift implies. To face this stage with the greatest peace of mind, there are insurance designed exclusively for the elderly.

The good news, however, must be looked after. Old age does not have to be a difficult time in life if its risks are prevented in time. In this positive experience, insurance has a very important role to play. And there are several examples of it.

First of all, since it plays a central role in the lives of the elderly, one should point to health insurance . If you are one of those who think, or have heard, that health insurance does not admit elderly people, you should know that you are wrong. In fact, a third of the health insured is already, at least, in the sixth decade of his life . Health insurers, moreover, mostly adhere to a code of good practices that prevents precisely that treatment that is sometimes taken for granted.

For the time when health gives more problems than usual, there is dependency insurance .

Not yet as developed in Spain as in other countries, long-term care insurance has been studied to cover precisely the situations in which we need help to carry out the basic activities of our daily life. So it is like a cane; but much more efficient.

As the most important thing, at all times of life, is to have the resources to be able to live it, you should not forget the life-savings insurance and, within them, very particularly, the life annuity insurance . An annuity insurance is an insurance that guarantees a regular payment, generally monthly, until you die, no matter what you live. And it is an insurance especially linked to the elderly because our tax system promotes, with very attractive tax benefits, that the savings accumulated during working life are collected, as of retirement, as the public pension is collected, that is, in the form of a monthly life annuity. Likewise, our tax system also provides that, if you are 65 or over, you use the money you have obtained from the sale of an asset you own (a second home, shares, investment funds …) to reinvest it in a life annuity The capital gain that you have been able to obtain may be totally exempt; you will not have to pay taxes for it.

Although it may not seem like it, there are insurance that can help you a lot. The insurance home , for example, help you with problems that may arise in your house. Problems that, perhaps, when you were younger you solved yourself, but that now you may not be so eager to get to it. And, of course, if, like many older people, you decide that the time to travel has come, don’t forget that there are specific assistance insurance that will help make the experience unforgettable.

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