How to Create Custom Kraft Packaging That Is Beneficial for Your Business

We all know that corrugated boxes are a great option when you need to ship heavy items. But did you know that there is another type of box out there? It’s called Kraft paper. The industry has evolved these days very much, so we can see papers can be used for many other purposes than writing only. Custom Kraft packaging is the most growing trend these days because it is nature friendly and healthy for human beings as well. Kraft paper was initially invented in 1879 by a German scientist.

First, one significant advantage of using Kraft papers for packing items in shipping boxes is the cost. The raw materials used to produce these products are considerably cheaper than those needed for corrugated cardboard production, making Kraft paper an excellent choice when looking at the price point.

Secondly, custom-printed Kraft paper looks more attractive and provides additional branding opportunities over its counterpart corrugating box, which has only limited options on design layouts. Finally, printing with UV ink will not only add shine but also help prevent smudging from moisture or other substances while maintaining high-quality printing for years to come.

Custom printed Kraft paper looks great and provides branding opportunities that are limited to other materials. In addition, UV ink will make the printing look shiny and help protect against smudging from moisture or other substances while maintaining high-quality prints on your box for years to come. And last but not least – Kraft packaging can be recycled very easily! It’s also highly biodegradable, so it makes an excellent choice when looking at sustainability options.”

Now we will discuss some uses of Kraft packaging boxes.

1-Kraft Display Box

Kraft paper displays are great because the surface can be printed, and then it is easy to put the product inside for a hands-on experience.

Or, if you’re not quite ready yet, new products should be stored in Kraft packaging before being taken out of their original container so they don’t get contaminated from other items that might have come into contact with them while shipping. And when people are looking around stores, sometimes they like to pick up displays and look at what’s inside – this will help prevent damage or tearing that may occur without using Kraft Paper as an outer layer.

2-Customized Kraft Jewelry Box

Kraft paper boxes are typically very inexpensive and can be reused or recycled when you’re done with them. Kraft paper boxes are perfect for storing jewelry because it’s a soft, durable material that won’t scratch your items as much as cardboard would! In addition, jewelry boxes made of Kraft can be designed in an attractive way to delight buyers.

3- Kraft Paper Packaging for Bakery Items

One of the notable benefits of a Kraft paper box is that it can be decorated with colorful designs, inks, and stamps––perfect for packaging your baked goods. It also keeps the fresh food longer by shielding them from light and air- which helps maintain their flavor! Other than plastic bags, Kraft’s are safe for food storage because they are biodegradable and can be de-composed.

Uses of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are mostly used for shipping purposes, where Kraft paper boxes are best for retail packaging with creative and nice printing designs.

1- Industrial Supply

Corrugated packaging is truly one of the best things to have happened in the world of shipping. Not only are corrugated boxes convenient and easy on your products, but they make for a more efficient way to transport goods over long distances with ease. With all that you can do with these containers, it’s hard not to see why this product has been so successful!

2- Electronics Industry

All electronic devices need to be packaged in a way that will protect them from any shocks they are likely to experience while being shipped. This means it is necessary for you to use the highest quality boxes available because delicate items should not just be thrown around and treated roughly like dishes inside an old cardboard box.


Packing medicine in corrugated boxes is a safe way to ensure that your medicines reach their destination safely and at the right temperature, which this natural box can maintain. When it comes down to transporting lots of tiny and valuable goods from one place to another, these heavy-duty boxes are the best option. These durable containers will help you transport multiple items without damaging them or anything else inside during transit!

Since both packaging solutions are essential for their own domain for shipping purposes, a corrugated box would be the best choice and for beautiful printing and designing of end product packaging.

Benefits of Kraft Paper Usage

Kraft paper usage has many benefits, and one of the most important is that it’s a lot cheaper than corrugated boxes. Kraft paper also has other benefits, such as being able to be printed on with full-color printing techniques for eye-catching branding or artwork.

Corrugates are used in manufacturing because they’re cheap to produce and easy to recycle, which helps companies save money without sacrificing quality! In addition, this cardboard is made from recycled materials like old newspapers, so there’s no need for more trees to be cut down either. They’re also very durable when compared with other various types of packaging due to their strength and versatility!


The decision between using Kraft paper box vs. corrugated box comes down to the specific usage and needs. Corrugated boxes are the best option for shipping and storage because of their durability, but Kraft paper box is perfect for presentations or packaging small items like jewelry or cosmetics. We hope you enjoyed our blog post explaining the benefits of corrugated boxes and Kraft paper. But if you were looking for a more personalized look, Impression Ville can help! Let them know how they can design your custom Kraft packaging today to make sure it stands out from all the rest.

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