7 Fascinating Breakup Gifts For Your Ex

Not all relationships turn sordid with the after-effects as a breakup. Yes, there are still people who are mature enough to understand that the relationship is not working. So they happily decide to walk out with respect. For these no-drama relationships, a parting gift is a great idea to restrain from things turning out sour. Here are some ideas that you can transform into a breakup gift for your ex. Let the memory of your time spent together be remembered with affection and not with abhorrence. 

  1. A card saying sorry 

Saying sorry always works, no matter whose fault it was. It never feels right when one is in a fight with someone. Especially if that person is one among your near ones, even a few days back. If you cannot say sorry directly to your ex, send a ‘sorry card.’ Whether you are in or out of the relationship, saying sorry and pacifying the situation is always good for your own conscience. That way, you will never feel bad about yourself. There are many cute sorry cards available in the market that you can choose from. You can also send an e-card, and there is always the option of making personalized cards with little effort. 

  1.  Chocolates to cheer your ex up 

Chocolates do hit the right cord no matter what the situation is and helps to lighten up the mood even before you have consumed it. You can give a chocolate gift hamper, an assorted flavor chocolate box, a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher, chocolate truffles, and a confection box. Going for a choco stick gift set is also not a bad option. You can even go for the personalized ones with your personal message in them. Chocolates are a great way to dilute the friction between you two and part away peacefully. 

  1.  A book that your ex would love to read 

Books are something personal. A book as a parting gift to your ex shows how you care about choosing a specific present. It shows how well you know your ex. Pick up a favorite author of your ex, choose the book, and send it for that special surprise. On a warning note, try not to select a romantic book. Maybe that will complicate things. Instead, try a thriller or something motivational. Breakups are the times when people do need a lot of motivation to keep things going. If your ex is not the bibliophile type, then a blank journal is always appealing to everyone. 

  1. A custom compiled music gadget 

There is hardly any human on earth who does not get impressed with the music. Compile some great soulful tracks and some favorites of your former with an excellent audio gadget. Here you need to remember the clichéd phrase, ‘music soothes the soul.’ So, choose carefully on the tracks. Create a gift item that cannot be disliked by anybody on this earth. You can also go for musical gift items, like music lyrics paperweight, musical coaster set, vintage iPhone speaker, turntable jewelry box, and so on. 

  1. A Big Wall Painting  

Big Wall Paintings are a classy way to give someone a present. They need not be the expensive ones. It can be a simple spiritual painting, like paintings of deities, religious structures, or a serene place. 

These things might help in calming the fictitious vibes between the two of you. Any painting for home decoration is used for self-expression. The presence of it ensures happy vibes among the dwellers. Hence, a large wall painting can be a very influential parting gift when you look forward to a peaceful settling down. 

  1. A picture collage 

Well, this gift item might be a dicey one but is best when you are looking forward to keeping only good memories and not the bad ones. Try making a picture collage of your best times with each other and present it to your ex, sealing the smile-evoking memories forever. 

Please note that these pictures should not send any wrong signals. Instead, they should make it clear that these pictures are supposed to erase the negativity that has been introduced between you two. Thus, resulting in your parting away from each other. It must be a kind way of showing respect and gratitude to the beautiful moments spent together. 

  1.  Feng Shui bamboo plants 

According to Feng Shui, bamboo plants bring luck and happiness in life. When you are giving this item as a gift to someone, it shows that you care. You wish luck for the receiver’s future. Moreover, you would not like to hold back any bad feelings for the ended relationship. This will pacify your former, and you must also remember that giving such gifts also brings positivity to your own life. So, this kind of wishing is the best for both of your lives. 

Keeping things uncomplicated and less melodramatic is essential. It leads you to a good life, even if it is a breakup. Breakups also deserve a respectful approach. It should not be all the wailings and cursing that usually get involved in the process. 

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