5 Ways to Avoid Extra Rental Car Fees

Dubai is a city for tourists because of its sky-reaching buildings, shopping malls, restaurants and beautiful beaches. Not only is it famous amongst tourists, but it is also a business hub for many businessmen who come to the city for the events and meetings. Therefore, to travel in the Emirate with comfort and style, everyone wants to rent a luxury car in Dubai. However, renting luxury cars can be expensive because they are costly to buy for rental companies. Worry no more! Since in this post we are providing you with 5 ways to avoid extra rental car fees.

1. There is Plenty of Discount on Weekends

According to the travel experts, you should travel on weekends in Dubai. Since there is very little traffic on these days. Therefore the rent rates decline to about 50%. That is because the rent-a-car companies provide big discounts on the weekends. Therefore, if your journey covers one or two days, you should rent the luxury car on weekends. Finding weekend discounts is easy by searching for the packages on the luxury car rental company websites. Try finding several websites and then comparing the deals on them. So, you can find the one that is according to your requirements.

2. Advanced Reservation has Plenty of Benefits

This tip will do wonders for renting a luxury car in Dubai at an economical price. When you travel you almost always book seats on your flights and hotel rooms as early as possible. You do this to obtain a suitable luxury car and hotel accommodation on time. Also, it has one more benefit the earlier you book the more discount you will obtain. Therefore, when you make bookings in advance for a flight seat, room and rental car, some of the car rental companies will even waive plenty of your automobile rent. This is because they are giving you a complete deal with other services. However, if you only want to rent a luxury car in Dubai you can look for car rental packages that are provided in advance with a concession.

3. Discount Coupon Codes and Promotional Offers

The internet has introduced amazing opportunities to the people and rental car companies to do their business. Now, the people who want to find discount packages for renting a luxury car can search for discount coupons and promo codes on different websites that are designed to provide these offers. You should monitor these websites from time to time to get the codes suitable for renting a luxury car. These promos and discount codes can stay active for a long time, even after you have made reservations. Plenty of companies allow travellers to apply codes at the time when you collect your car. You can add these codes on the luxury car rental company website to obtain a discount.

4. Do Not Pay Insurance

Many car rental companies provide insurance to all the people who obtain their package. This insurance is not compulsory. You must know that those who are covered by the insurance policy don’t have to pay for the insurance. Since, other insurance will offer the same benefits, making it unsuitable and duplicate. Therefore, you should not pay for insurance when you rent a luxury car in Dubai if you are already covered.

5. Take Pictures of Your Car Before Driving it

A luxury car rental company will charge you a fee for any damages that are incurred to the car. To prevent this from occurring you should take pictures of the car from different angles. Make sure you take pictures of the car’s interior and body. Also, photograph the car’s engine and other components before you take it to the drive. You should find out all the little damages of the car. So, you have a record about the condition of the car when it was given. Tell your rental dealer to add these details in the agreement before you and the agent sign it. This technique will save you from paying any charges, later on. So, that you won’t have to pay any extra car fee.

Conclusion There are plenty of ways of avoiding extra fees when renting a car. We have discussed five of them above. You can search for the weekend deals when you rent a luxury car in Dubai. Or you can make bookings for obtaining the discount packages. Similarly, searching for discount codes and promo offers can also lead to amazing discounts when renting luxury cars. Also, you should check for your insurance coverage to avoid any duplicate insurance. When you rent the car take its pictures so that you have a record of its condition. That is useful for avoiding any unnecessary fee added to your rent for car issues.

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