Why You Should Opt For A Fine Arts Course

Fine arts courses are really good for people who have always been artistic and creative. So, if you have always wanted to pursue a course that lets you draw, sketch and express your creativity in more such ways, you should consider doing fine arts courses. Art is all about creating beautiful things that allow you to express yourself. Fine arts are created entirely for the purpose of aesthetically pleasing values. Fine arts include painting, film, photography, sculpture making, music, interior design, pottery and drama. Fine arts means any visual form of art. 

A fine arts course prepares students to become artists and to follow all of the practices that are associated with becoming a professional artist. 

Which is the best fine arts college in Jharkhand?

If you are looking for the best fine arts college in Jharkhand, AISECT University would be a very good choice for you. The faculty at the university is very well trained with the course material and they have many years of experience. They make sure that the students receive guidance in whichever field of art they eventually opt for. 

The fine arts course is largely a practical based course. Although, this does not mean that the entire focus of the course is based entirely on practicals. The teachers ensure that the course curriculum covers both practical and theoretical topics. To be successful in the field, one must be well versed in both theory and practice. Overall, this is a very interesting and unique course that students should be encouraged to take up. Artistic expression is something that should be honed and never stifled. 

Apart from regular classes, the university holds several events such as guest lectures, conferences and seminars. These are held on a regular basis to give students an insight into the professional world. After the event, the students even get an opportunity to interact with the guest speakers on a one on one basis and get all of their individual questions answered. 

Along with all of these, the university has a placement cell that makes sure that all of the students find employment opportunities after graduation. The university has connections with multiple companies in the industry, which really helps the students. The placement cell also prepares the students for interviews by helping them develop good interviewing skills along with other important soft skills. Students are supported till they find a job. 

Students are provided with all of the information, knowledge and facilities required to have a successful career in this industry. Since this is a very challenging field to work in, students are guided throughout the process. 

About the courses

AISECT University offers some different types of courses in the field of fine arts. These include certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Let us take a look at them

  1. Diploma in Fine Arts: This is a one-year diploma course that is usually pursued after clearing the higher secondary examinations from any recognized board in any stream. 
  2. Bachelor of Fine Arts: This is a three-year undergraduate course that can be pursued after completion of higher secondary examinations from any recognized board and in any stream.
  3. Master of Fine Arts: This is a two-year postgraduate course that can be pursued after completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts. This course offers a deeper understanding of fine arts than a Bachelor of fine arts does. 

These fine arts courses are offered by AISECT University in both distance and regular modes of learning. There are several different specializations in the field. Here are some of the specializations. 

  • Theatre and acting
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Architecture
  • Visual Communication
  • Conceptual Art
  • Printmaking and Images

What are the skills required for a fine arts student?

Students opting for fine arts courses must not only be creative but also possess the following skills

  • Students must be able to make drawings that look realistic and aesthetically pleasing
  • Students must possess all the necessary materials and know-how to use them
  • Students must be able to present their art properly
  • Proper techniques and colour theory must be used
  • Students must possess some knowledge of digital media
  • Students should be able to communicate effectively and have good interpersonal skills

What is the eligibility criteria for fine arts courses at AISECT University?

To be eligible for the fine arts courses at AISECT University, one must have at least 50% aggregate marks in their qualifying examinations. Admissions are based on merit entirely, which is why a preference is given to students who have higher marks. 

What are the career opportunities for students who complete a fine arts course?

Students who complete a fine arts course have many options for them. There are new opportunities rising in every sector. Young, creative people are getting attracted to this field because of all the new opportunities. Students can pursue a career in fashion, film, art and even academia after completing their graduation. Here are some of the most common job positions they can opt for. 

  • Art therapist
  • Art director
  • Drawing teacher
  • Music teacher
  • Animator
  • Editor 
  • Creative director
  • Production artist

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