Why Is Studying Agriculture A Good Idea?

There is a common myth that agriculture courses do not lead to good job opportunities. Due to this, very few students have been opting for agriculture courses. This is very surprising since agriculture is the primary source of income and livelihood for a majority of the population of India. 

B.Sc in Agriculture is a very vast course. Several topics like horticulture, food production, rural development and economy and animal husbandry are covered in this course. Other industries may be facing job shortages, but the field of agriculture would never face this. This is because food is of utmost importance for survival. There will never be a shortage of the need to feed people. With the development of technology and innovations, agricultural production has increased to a great extent. 

Which is a good B.Sc Agriculture college?

There are many good universities in India that offer B.Sc Agriculture courses. If you are looking for a good B.Sc Agriculture college in Bihar, Dr C.V Raman University is a very good choice for you. This university offers the Agriculture course in both distance and regular modes of education.

The faculty at the university is highly experienced and well equipped with all the knowledge about agriculture. They make sure that they give every student a chance to learn to the best of their abilities. The teachers ensure that both practical and theoretical methods of teaching are incorporated into the course so that the students get to learn about every aspect of agriculture. The course also focuses on field trips, along with regular classroom lectures. 

The university has an infrastructure that was designed by professionals. The campus is very large and has a huge sports complex. The faculty of the university always encourages students to participate in sports and other activities, since these contribute to the personal development of the students. Along with this, the university also has a huge library with every imaginable book for students. 

Certain other facilities for students include the placement cell, which ensures that the students find employment opportunities after completing their courses. The placement cell also makes sure that the students are well prepared for the interviews, by grooming them. 

About the course

B.Sc Agriculture is an undergraduate course with a duration of four years. It is divided into eight semesters and the course is offered by CVRU Bihar. The aim of the course is to equip students with all of the practical and theoretical knowledge required for a successful career in agriculture. The fees for the course is relatively less than that of other such courses. 

A large variety of subjects are taught in the course, including horticulture, soil science, agronomy, animal husbandry, plant pathology, agriculture economics, plant biochemistry, basic biotechnology and many other subjects. The curriculum of the course is set in accordance with ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research). The course also aims to teach the students about better crop production practices in sustainable ways. 

Aims of the course:

  • To provide students with knowledge about both practical and theoretical matters in the course
  • To keep the course interesting by adding workshops and experiments into the curriculum
  • To encourage students to grow overall, by boosting their confidence and making sure they go ahead and have a successful career
  • To improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills with the help of research and application 

What makes a student eligible for B.Sc Agriculture colleges in India?

In order to be eligible for B.Sc Agriculture colleges in India, like CVRU Bihar, a student has to clear their higher secondary examinations with their stream as either PCM or PCB. The student must score at least 50% in their examinations. The admission is based on merit. 

What is the scope of studying B.Sc Agriculture?

Students who complete B.Sc in Agriculture have several options open for them which are both career-oriented and academic-related. A student can opt for a postgraduate course in the same subject in order to broaden their career scopes. A postgraduate course allows students to specialize in different fields of agriculture such as animal husbandry or horticulture. An M.Sc in Agriculture is a two-year course. It can be pursued by students who have completed their B.Sc in Agriculture, Forestry or Horticulture from a recognized university with the necessary qualifying marks. Getting a masters degree in the field of agriculture from a reputed university would open up many opportunities for students. 

When it comes to career prospects, there are many good opportunities for students in both the private and public sectors. A lot of graduates are hired as Block Development Officers and Agriculture Development Officers. Other than these, here are some other job opportunities

  • Business Development Manager
  • Extension Officer
  • Field Officer
  • Research officer
  • Farm Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Plantation Manager

You can be assured that finding a job after graduation would not be difficult. Students also have the option to work in civil services by applying for the UPSC examinations. 

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