6 Technologies that Are Buddies to Your Small Business in 2021

You’re a small business owner?

Well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

Even if you’re not, you may find something really interesting over here.

Business always needs ideas. But business in 2021 needs some good tech support too.

Listen to what Forbes has to say on this. 

According to a report made by Forbes; the larger part of the consumers are attracted to the more functional side of business, which is particularly complemented by technological influences.

They are guided towards that effective lucidity where interacting with a brand becomes an engaging connection to them.

Plus, customers like to feel special. They would require diversity through many strategies.

Today’s business is able to offer them that through easy navigational options along with the opportunity to customise.

And all of these are done to a brand by nothing but technology.

Not sure about ways to implement these tech features to your brand? Then stick to this blog and read more to find it out…

  • How Technology Helps Your Business Evolve? 


You have got a number of tech solutions to choose from and each of them comes with new sets of features that can, in fact, elevate your small business to a whole new level.

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But, you must know what kind of technologies your brand needs, right?

Well, the following may help you out.

  • Use chatbots
  • IoT can be a great solution
  • Get the best of connection-as-a-service
  • Blockchain?
  • Get smarter with smart payments
  • Have you checked on the security of your brand?
  1. Use Chatbots

Do you think you have all the time in the world just to communicate with customers?

Well, that is certainly a good thing to do!

But times have changed.

Now, we’re looking at the big picture. Customers need quick information.

That can be easily done by a chatbot.

Your telecom expert can stay at the back for more complex and creative jobs. For a small business, chatbots are more efficient since they aren’t as expensive as telecalling executives. You might as well get your job done by an executive or two and leave most of the work to chatbots.

2020 has seen the rise of chatbots in almost all kinds of businesses. It is pretty much clear that they are here to rule.

Chatbots are also counted as worthy tools to generate quality leads.

Still not using chatbots? Well, you can try out LiveChat or Zoho.

2. IoT Can Be a Great Solution

IoT means the Internet of Things.

And you know that these things can turn your small business into a revolutionary trade.

Okay, if that sounds too much, then consider this data: Market researchers have identified that the IoT provides almost 24% annual growth in an enterprise.

If you consider a virtual assistant or an integrated NAS system, then you are making a huge difference in storage options for your business.

With an NAS or a Network-Attached-Storage; you can now be able to use Smart storage for your business data.

You may use it as a common file server to store and manipulate your small business information.

You can network it to the devices in your office to gain full control of them.

You can do a lot with IoT!

3. Get the Best of Connection-As-A-Service

Leading manufacturers and brands are following this technology.  

Why wouldn’t you?

Brands like Airbnb; Uber or Amazon are into this. The technology we’re looking at is almost like a third-party service where you would get connected to your customers through a network THAT ULTIMATELY WORKS.  

It is a healthy alternative to get your customers meaningfully associated with your brand. These connections are worth it for a small business because small businesses target a wide range of customer communities.

Haven’t invested in it yet? Well, don’t worry. You have got startup loans for bad credit from professional lenders online. All you need to do is to make a little search.

4. Blockchain?

More than 100,000 brands around the world are depending on Bitcoin.

So, what’s blockchain then?

Blockchain is a technology that is used for tracking and storing information on Cryptocurrency transactions.  

More and more businesses trust the Bitcoin mantra to move ahead with transactions.

And the reason for that is Bitcoin transactions nullify the third parties or the middlemen.

In this regard, companies can individually share their trade with international clients where payment becomes the most linear.

And blockchain just keeps an eye on that.

Are you using it?

5. Get Smarter with Smart Payments

Smart payments offer your business not just a technical backup, but a super-strong support for transactional activities.

According to business owners around the globe, customers respond more to smart payment options than they do to regular payments.

Another good thing to notice is that smart payments help a company be more appealing and approachable to customers and financial exchanges can be done easily as well as remotely.

With Smart payment apps; you can also reach your customers in many areas.

And this means you’re going to get more customers.

With more technological solutions like Google Wallet and Apple Pay; small businesses get the most enriched services for smart payment.

6. Have You Checked on the Security of Your Brand?

Security is probably the most ignored department of a small business.


It is a small business.

Your valuable business data is ultimately business data and data needs to be protected. With online firewalls; monitoring systems and Antiviruses; you can now put an end to the attempts of hackers trying to steal your data.

In 2021; small business enterprises are enjoying the privileges of an e-mail encryption system.

Some other bands refer using a VPN to safeguard valuable customer data.

To Conclude

Similar to a taking payday loan for the unemployed; technological assistance in some crucial areas of a small business might be the last thing your brand needs.

If you haven’t thought about it now, then start thinking right away.

But know this: Technologies will ultimately serve your brand and make your business reach millions of customers.

And that’s exactly what you want, right?

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