Cross Dressing Tips – Choosing the Right Outfit

Whether it’s your first time dressing as a transvestite, or you’ve been leaning the gender for years, choosing the right outfit is vital to getting the look you want. A recent survey of transvestites revealed that in addition to learning how to create a better cleavage with what you have, learning how to find the right outfit is the most important skill you should learn when dressing.

Choosing the right outfit for cross-dressing depends on several different factors. Consider first the general environment in which you want to crossdress. Looking for an outfit for daytime casual wear at the mall, shopping, or other similar tasks? Spend some time observing genetic females during the times and places you want to dress in crossover clothing. For this example, you will notice that nine times out of ten, genetic females dress quite casually, nothing too flashy, and mostly for comfort. If you are trying to pass yourself off as a woman, mixing with the multitude of genetic females is your best bet. Drawing attention to an overly flashy outfit in these kinds of settings will work against you. Especially in a mall where crowds of teenagers are likely to wander. outfits for women.

After choosing the overall style of an environmentally friendly outfit, the next thing to consider is your body type. Different cuts and fabrics look different on people depending on their body type. Following the basics, there are generally three body types that clothing is made for: apple, pear, and straight. If you make a lot of “what’s underneath” modifications by using added corsets or gel pads in the bust area or behind, determine your overall body shape while wearing this underwear.

Color is also an important factor to consider when choosing the right outfit for cross-dressing. Determine if you look best in fall or summer colors, as well as if you prefer bright colors or something more subdued like pastels. Make sure to take into account the hair color of any wig that you may be wearing when dressing, as your hair color can drastically change the color schemes that work best for you.

When trying to pretend to be a woman, buy your cross-dressing clothing where genetic females shop. Avoid clothing that is too tight and too short; You may look sexy on the coat rack, but these outfits are not very flattering for 99.9% of the population. Remember that mixing is your friend! Avoid fancy fabrics like vinyl and latex, unless you are attending an event where it would be appropriate.

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