How to act to counteract the toxic effect of the poison?

If your dog has ingested rat poison in a small amount, symptoms may appear after 1 to 3 days and are more difficult to recognize than if he takes a larger amount that causes vomiting and seizures. At the slightest suspicion, it is important to go to the vet because there are no home remedies that you can apply. Depending on each case and after confirming rodenticide poisoning, the veterinarian will establish the appropriate treatment.

Eliminating any remaining poison and curbing blood loss are the first two measures. Lavage of the stomach and intestinal tract may be necessary and it is also common to counteract the anticoagulant effects of the venom with injections of vitamin K, essential in the clotting process.

In addition, in the following weeks, exhaustive monitoring of the animal’s diet will have to be done, verifying that it takes enough water and food. In cases of mild poisoning, the dog can fully recover in 2-3 weeks.

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