Average Costs of limousine rental

Limousines are the luxurious vehicles used by celebrities, movie stars, and the rich and famous. These cars can be hired for wedding receptions, proms, business meetings, sporting events, weddings, or any other special occasion. The limousine rental is the most preferred vehicle in these cases, as it adds style and glamour to the event. Therefore, it becomes imperative that one makes inquiries about limo rental rates in advance so as to avoid last-minute hiccups. Rates depend on a number of factors, some of which are as follows:

Average Limousine Rental Costs Based on U.S. estimate calculations, the actual costs for limousine rentals are $75 per hour to up to about $ 450 per day. Costs for limousine rentals vary depending upon the limousine company, the rental period, the vehicle type, the package, and the duration of the rental. Some companies provide a fully stocked bar, whereas others don’t. Fully stocked bars are an added cost.

A fully stocked bar and music system are considered luxuries and hence add to the total limousine rental prices. On the other hand, a rented luxury sedan with a music system and the bar does not necessitate a full bar, though a full bar may be available depending upon the desired rental company. It is advisable to enquire about limo rental prices before finalizing the reservation.

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Renting a Limousine Service :

Renting a Limousine Service Cost Depending upon the location, most of the limousine rental service companies may charge extra for pick-up and drop-off. Sometimes, limousine companies may charge extra for extra passengers for the same trip. Some companies may charge extra for longer or different mileage, depending upon the destinations and the time of the day. For instance, a company may charge more for a trip to a faraway destination at night as opposed to a day trip, as it’s more difficult to control the weather and roads during the night. Again, it is advisable to enquire about limousine rental prices before finalizing the reservation.

Stretch Hummer – Most of the limo rental prices in New York include a minimum of four hours. The price will also include all taxes and surcharges. If you are planning to pick up some friends for a night out, it is advisable to inquire about stretch limo rental prices at your first appointment. You should not have to pay more than four hours minimum for the ride. Most limo rental prices also include the cost of alcoholic beverages. So, it’s important to keep in mind that if you are under age twenty-five, you may be charged a higher minimum fee.

Club Car – Club cars are among the most popular limousine rental prices in New York. They are available in several models and come in different colors such as black, red, burgundy, lime green, etc. When talking about the size of the vehicle, they can range from small to medium-sized. Most of these club cars are available on a daily rent as well as weekly rates. Some of them may charge an hourly rate. There are also some companies that may allow passengers to drive the limos during the day, but it may cost extra bucks for the same.

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Hourly Rate:

As previously mentioned, the hourly rates depend on the type of vehicle chosen by the passenger. But, there are some companies that allow passengers to hire the limousines at a single fee for an entire day. This is considered as the average cost of limousine rental for one hour. The price might go up or down depending on other factors such as weather and traffic in the area.

No Set Rates – As a rule, you may have to pay an hourly fee to a limo taxi driver depending on what his experience is. However, you will have to specify this when renting the limousine. If you want to set rates, you can contact the limousine company directly. You may even have to pay for a set number of hours. In case you want to set rates, you can give the limousine driver your phone number so that they can call you when the limousine is near your location.

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