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Household Shifting

We as a leader of the industry take the responsibility to lead the industry from the front by meeting the expectations of our clients in household shifting, Domestic shifting is the most crucial shifting as enormous emotions are attached to the goods be it, sofa, bed, tables, or any other kinds of stuff. Offering compensation to the damaged articles and washing away the hands is not worth it. what we are more concerned about is the emotional part that is attached to the household article. Sometimes people are not at all bother about the monetary compensation for their damage.

Office Relocation

An office is a place where we work and worship it like a god, therefore, we take care of our office belonging religiously. As we are your choice then this becomes our responsibility to live up to your expectations 100%. By delivering quality services, ensuring the minimum damages to office stuff and the least amount of work hamper. Our processes are so smooth that it doesn’t impact the productivity of the office employees and hassle-free activity without disturbing the office work-flow. Even in the case of co-working spaces, we do not disturb the other partner of your workspace and rather encourage them with our gesture to cooperate with us. We take special care of the office documents to the highest level and full proof prevention forms rats attacks

Packing and moving

Shifting location, be it a home, office, factory, etc is not easy rather full of hassles. If a set process of Packers and Movers is not followed then it can go messy and spoil your peace of mind entirely. There are many processes to be followed while relocating from one place to another which is not everybody’s cup of tea. Heavy items, fragile items, expensive items are examples that need the expertise to handle them well. Arranging manpower, booking transport, and purchasing the packing material is a pain for a non-expert and may incur a large and unnecessary cost.

Saaya Movers and Packers Pvt. Ltd…. where Every Move Leaves an Elegant Footprints!

Why Us?

Art of Packing and Moving:

We have mastered the art of packers and movers keeping science in the mind, our team is full of expert packers and movers working for decades and achieved mastery in this particular domain of moving.

Committed to Excellence:

We always go the extra mile to achieve excellence without comprising the quality of work. Achieving excellence is our core principle and the entire packers and movers process and policies revolve around this core principle of the company which makes us unique in the moving industry.

Quality packing:

We use the best quality packing material such as bubble wrap, Packing foam, plastics crates, carton boxes, and blankets, etc for packaging to give extra protection specifically the fragile items, such as glassware, music instrument, artwork, sculpture, etc. to park it in a safe zone

Safe moving:

Our expert drivers and cleaner are well trained and all have a driving license with long years of driving experience and their phone no. is shared with the clients for the easy tracking of the driver’s location during the transit of the deliverables. The drivers are available 24X7.

Warehousing and storing facilities:

We offer warehousing facilities with advanced and latest features to store domestic and commercial goods for shorters and a longer period, the racks are well maintained and spacious to accommodate a variety of articles as per the requirement of the goods. Our warehouses are pest-free and pesticides are done regularly to ensure no pest attacks on the stored goods. Especially to the documents and offices records

Pan India presence and International Network:

Our domestic and international presence makes us versatile and dynamic in the moving industry. This presence makes our operation much more effective and efficient leading to better coordination for the safe and timely delivery of the goods to the determined location.

Transparent Process:

We are known for our best practices and transparent process, no discriminations are being practiced based on caste, creed, geographical location, or anything else. All our clients are equally important to us and we serve every client with due seriousness.

Competitive Prices:

Last, but not least in our kitty our strength, our competitive prices. Our prices are design keeping in mind the pockets of the common man and at the same time, we can justify our reasonable margins. Our prices give a sense of a win-win situation rather than make the clients feel the burden on their pocket

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