Experiential Marketing Agency NYC? How are they important?

Do you look to gain higher attention & want to ensure that all people leave your event or program feeling fantastic? In such a scenario, they would be so immersed, impressed, or inspired that they cannot assist but tell others regarding the experience.

This is the essence of experiential marketing agency NYC. Such agencies undertake strategies that offer memorable direct & offline experiences to guests or users to attain a specific business goal. Just think about traditional events such as festivals, concerts and trade shows/ programs – but making them communicative, interactive & connecting potential customers with the brand without having to lose out on the marketing message is one thing you would like to witness.

Does it sound like something you would want to try out this year? To assist you decide let us get into a complete discussion about experiential marketing strategy.

What is meant by experiential marketing vs event marketing vs brand activation?

To understand the reason why experiential marketing actually matters & will matter in the post COVID 19 world, let us go through the role of digital marketing strategy development. Moreover, let us compare & contrast it with the same strategies based on their primary strategy: capturing the group’s attention or groups of people via event hosting. So, in what way does experiential marketing function differently as compared to event marketing and brand activation?

Brand activation is mostly tied to launching of brand new products/service. It also includes more than, say, unveiling the season’s lipstick shades, demonstrating process by usage of software solution, or unboxing shiny new devices. Brand activation must evoke emotional reactions via activities revealing users about the offering. For instance, Apple’s 1 night on iphone 7 tapped 2 British photographers to conduct a testing of the phone model’s light capture capabilities. Campaign presented new features along with benefits to iphone fans & mobile photographers.

What is experiential marketing? As suggested by the name, it is a strategy focusing on experiences. Take note that the experiential marketing program as a whole can add in brand activations. However, when it is about implementation, experience marketing contains more leeway to include in activities that do not speak directly to your service or product.

A good instance would be Fashion Revolution’s 2 Euro T shirt campaign. This team put up a bright turquoise machine selling shirts for just 2 euros in the middle of Berlin. Before claiming cheap clothes, the customers were shown a good video that talked about poor conditions where goods get produced. After this, the customers would get the option of either to buy or donate 2 euros instead.

While the Fashion Revolution were not selling clothes, their experiential marketing insights threw light on the organization’s cause & created a memorable experience for participants.

Lastly, there involve event marketing, which can get mistaken for experiential marketing strategy. It is one we are most familiar with if we have attended live or in person occasions like seminars, concerts, trade shows & conferences. In modern marketing, online occasions like live streaming & webinars also fall under the category. Their concentration is maximum exposure & info distribution rather than planning a memorable experience for the audience.

Top experiential marketing agencies might argue that experiential marketing has the highest chances to deliver memorable experiences to target consumers. That is because it employs strategies such as sensory experiential marketing, which interest the senses on top emotions. Let us go through experiential marketing examples listed below:

3 experiential marketing ideas for inspiration

Dedicated experiential marketing companies or internet agencies with experience marketing enable their creativity to rise up. Such marketing strategy is more fun & daring.

Dunkin’ Donuts

In Seoul, urbanites prefer their coffee. But competing for their focus became a challenge for coffee and doughnut chains as 1) Koreans did not associate with coffee 2) they would select homegrown cafes & 3) they did not have time for stopping by for doughnuts.

Thus, together with the South Korean experience agency, Dunkin’ Donuts aimed at changing the perception. And here is the best example of why experiential marketing blends well with various other tactics. Blending radio advertising with the sensory experiential marketing, the brand brought marketing message to the Seoulites’ regular experience. They were placed in aroma dispensers in the Seoul buses, which actually released coffee scent at the time when the radio jingle played. Also, there was a reminder for the listeners to purchase coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts.


While a simple raffle free flight sounds good, the brand had a better experiential marketing strategy. Experiential marketing companies usually approve the company’s creative plan to dish out the free summer items, involving free tickets for promoting JetBlue’s flight from Palm Springs of New York in a deadly winter condition. The business places 6X6 foot ice blocks on the street of New York corners to entice people to chip in with them to claim their rewards. The experiential market tactic simultaneously uses social media marketing for spreading the word, making a mark and leveraging social proof.


Here is an idea if you are wondering on how experiential marketing functions for the car companies & other non retail industries. In 2009, automotive company Volkswagen chose to install piano keys on the subway stairs as part of a fun theory project. The brand worked closely with  the best experiential marketing agency NYC to test whether fund activity will encourage change in individuals – taking piano stairs in place of subway elevator. For 66% of the participants, the answer was yes.

Though it was a creative way to promote the brand’s energy saving, the campaign concentrated on crafting a good experience. Their social media marketing component too expanded the effect of experience. Note that the uploaded piano staircase video has more than 7.5 million views on the YouTube channel.

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