What’s new: 4 tips for a successful claim

1 – Breach of the contracting conditions.

Failure to comply with the conditions established in the policy is sufficient reason to reject a claim, provided that said breach is related to the occurrence of the same.For example, if a shipment that required the hiring of an armed escort as a condition is stolen and it is determined Since custody had not been contracted, the insurance company is in a position to reject this claim. These special conditions must be clearly detailed in each of the contracted policies. 

2 – Poor packing and / or stowage.

A significant number of claims are not appropriate because the packaging and / or stowage conditions were not adequate for the insured cargo and the trip that it was going to make, that is why we recommend that before shipping a merchandise, verify with the supplier and the shipper what the packing and stowage conditions will be. And, if necessary, consult the recommendations for your transfer with specialized companies.

3 – Wrong declaration.

The information with which a policy is issued acts as a sworn statement, therefore, what is detailed in it must coincide with the merchandise to be insured (condition, insured amount, means of transport, etc.) and with the documentation that is presented to start the claim process since an erroneous declaration may imply the expiration of the rights of the insured before a claim. 

4 – Basic documentation that the insurance company will request:

• Letter of protest addressed to the alleged person responsible for the loss with a signed copy.

• Letter of claim addressed to the insurance company

• Insurance certificate

• Commercial invoice

• Copy of transport documents 

• Receipt document

• Records of poor condition.

• Packing list (for personal property)

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