Super Bowl Hospitality: All You Need To Know About It

The lure of economic windfall mostly convinces bigger cities to host the Superbowl with top-notch Super bowl hospitality. However, the picture may not be as rosy as some suggestions for area businesses. The National Football League reveals the Super Bowl affects a host of cities’ economies by up to $400 million, however, the reality is the economic impact of big events are more likely to be less as compared to 25% of the estimates made by the NFL as per the study conducted by Williams College. Also, small companies are able to sell their goods and services in the course of events, which are likely to see an increment in sales.


Tourism exposure for any city may normally cost millions and millions of dollars to acquire without the Super Bowl’s aid. But starting a Super Bowl gets a good boost when it is about future tourism. Various studies by the NFL revealed that the Super Bowl impacts the city’s business more as compared to any other convention or event held in the US.

Outsider spending

Organizations that sell goods and services to people from outside their community like the fans, competing teams & media, view an intense spending period from newcomers. In the year 2012, over 1.16 lakh non-residents spent about $295.2 million in the course of the Superbowl held in Indianapolis. SuperBowl hospitality like hotel, restaurants, cultural attractions, retail stores and transportation services all of them share in spoils which adds to the city as well as to the state tax coffers. As per Williams College, the 1999 Super Bowl that took place in South Florida attracted a lot of outsiders to spend over twice that of the average visitor travelling to the area in the course of peak tourist months.

Local spending

It is a little bit of toss reveals Williams College when explaining how the Superbowl hospitality spending by locals impact businesses. This study shows that spending by the people who reside in the same city owing to the Super bowl may be enhanced as the residents usually spend their money in their town in place of travelling to another city to watch the Super bowl. On the contrary, local residents may go out quite less, mostly to avoid any kind of congestion & higher prices in the course of the event.

Job openings

Few businesses provide more job openings in preparation for and in the course of Superbowl events, which makes it appropriate for them to perform searches for hire, interview and train employees to manage the business influx. As per Williams College, about 2,736 jobs got created owing to the Superbowl held in Atlanta in the year 1994.

Openings for new jobs contribute to the local economy because such employees have the potential to spend their earnings in the area.

Super Bowl hospitality explained

VIP’s access provides ultimate hospitality in the course of major sporting events across the globe and SuperBowl hospitality is among the biggest events every year. Relish exclusive hospitality from the comfort of the VIP’s access luxury shared skybox suite for availing an unforgettable experience at the same time delighting in the finest service in the course of the most exciting and anticipated event of the year in the US. Alternatively, the VIP’s access even provides VIP packages and tickets with exclusive accessibility to game and luxury hotel accommodation at Superbowl.

When we state Superbowl hospitality, then what do you think we mean? Well, here are a few of our services.

  • 1st class or your accommodation choice
  • Seats that you actually prefer in the stadium
  • Pre-game hospitality
  • Accessibility to SuperBowl parties

You can choose a predefined package or customize yours too well to match yourselves by choosing the one with your hotel accommodation choice and hospitality.

To well understand your hospitality choice, here are a few of the options you should select:

  • Superbowl tickets
  • Pregame VIP hospitality beginning few hours before the game begins
  • Autograph sessions with the NFL stars
  • Live entertainment, gourmet cuisine and premium bar services
  • Pre-game hospitality starting few hours much before the kickoff
  • Autograph & photograph opportunities, integrated with greetings and meetings with Hall of Famer gamers.
  • Interactive elements
  • Official gifts
  • Question and answer with the star players sharing inputs on stories and games from the back years.
  • Halftime studded performance by stars like Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Beyonce etc and many others already have featured in performances till now.

The above are only a few of the hospitality choices to opt for however there are others also what matters is your convenience when it is about hospitality.

Now let us discuss accommodation. We provide the best and the best-suited accommodation for you that can get combined with hospitality packages involving tickets or can be taken up separately. We provide the best accommodation available through our tie-ups with top-notch hotels. Here, are a few of them:

Beverly Hills Marriott

Situated about ten miles from the stadium, it is a luxury hotel with a fitness centre, restaurant, heated outdoor pool and an awesome lounge.

Hilton checkers

It is situated about eleven miles & is a boutique hotel with one of the exciting panoramic views of the city from its rooftop.

Hotel Bel-Air

It is a luxury hotel with posh quarters, spa, marble bathrooms, bar and outdoor pool.

Ritz Carlton

Situated within LA live entertainment, it is only 1.4 miles from Walt Disney concert hall featuring classy suites, indoor hot tubs, restaurant, cafe, fitness centre, bar and rooftop outdoor pool.

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

It is a posh location with lavish rooms and suites with a spa, dining and amazing rooftop bar providing a panoramic city view.


Super Bowl yearly sports is an extravaganza, which is not only a final match held between the 2 best teams of the NFL, it is an annual festivity. To become a part of such a game in reference to attendance is an experience, which one should have in his/her lifetime. The Los Angeles version of the Superbowl to be held in 2022 is said to turn out to be the best as it will have a halftime show with a stadium filled up with brand activation as well as engaging events.

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