Select Better Keywords for Buying Segmented Email Lists

The quality of any targeted email list a business purchases will be limited by the quality of the selection keywords you provide. Although most list marketers will guarantee a minimum conversion rate to all customers who use them, well-selected keywords can help you exceed that minimum by a wide margin. Although the process of determining which keywords will pay off is similar to that used when creating lists for search engine marketing, they should be adjusted for the best effect. With a little guidance, any marketer can quickly tailor their search engine keyword list to create the perfect criteria for targeting potential customers.

Businesses with tight marketing budgets tend to use long-tail keywords when building their marketing lists for major search engines. The thinking here is solid: with less competition for the keyword, your ad is more likely to appear frequently and with a lower rate per view. However, this same thinking doesn’t have to apply when buying email lists. Keep your keywords simple to ensure you get all the names of those who have an interest in your product, regardless of how they framed that interest.

While it’s important to keep your keywords simple, don’t use them too much. For example, if you are working with a lending institution, don’t just ask for contacts who are interested in applying for loans. Instead, include words that would be early indicators that they would meet your business loan criteria. Most listing brokers will allow you to sort by credit rating, the type of loan your contacts are looking for, and the amount they would like to borrow. This is just one example. This selection process is valid for other industries, such as insurance, car buying, and just about any other product or service you can think of.

Include information on the characteristics that are common to most of your customers. Even if this information is not directly related to your product, it can be helpful in ensuring that you are reaching the best possible group of prospects. Ask for leads who are within certain income brackets, are in a certain age range, or fit into any other broad demographic.

With the right keywords, marketers can build or Targeted Email List with a high conversion rate on any budget.

Build a Targeted Email List With These 3 Hot Tips!

Let me ask you a question that seems to get overlooked a lot. What’s the use of creating a list if these people will never buy from you? The phrase “the money is on the list” should be rephrased as “the money is on the target list.” So how do you build a targeted email list without going broke?

There are a few methods that I use to create lists. If you are not building lists yet, you are losing money and customers. With the right content, you can turn any list into a valuable list.

  1. The first tip will be the methods you use to create your list. These methods include article marketing, classifieds, blogging, ppc, and other advertising methods. My two favorite types of advertising are eBay classifieds and article marketing. Nothing works better than these two methods of building a targeted email list.
  2. To make sure these people buy your products, include some valuable content. The people who are on your list are probably on other people’s lists too, so you need to stand out. First of all, offer your list some free e-books or something like that. I can write e-books and give them to my list for free and tell them they have free resell rights! They get excited, I put my affiliate links in the e-book and it gets distributed over the internet. Everyone wins!
  3. You shouldn’t send more than two paid offers per week to your list IMHO. Some people do more and I suppose they are successful or they would not be doing it. However, I have found that two paid offers per week are perfect because I keep making money without including too many offers on my list.

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