Be in touch with domain and SSL certificate validity

Any website is a collection of web pages that contain content (text, images, files, and other information). These web pages, along with all their content, are stored on the server. And the domain name is literally the server location address. The main task of the domain name is to simplify the remembering of the website address. That is why it is preferable to choose as a domain a short and memorable word or phrase. 

To make a website work over the HTTPs secure connection protocol, you need an SSL certificate. It also allows various services to recognize the server and confirm the security of the website. But the most important feature of an SSL certificate for most website owners is its website promotion criticality. It literally allows a website to get a higher position in search engines and ad units.

How long does an SSL certificate and domain name last?

Most people tend to think of domain registration for websites as a purchase. But you cannot buy or permanently own a domain name. You can only rent it for a period prescribed by the registrar’s policy. The maximum rental period is determined by the rules of the selected zone. For example, you can register domain names in the .com, .info, .online and .blog zones for up to ten years. 

 SSL certificate and domain name last?

Replacing your certificate on a regular basis is the most important part of keeping your data secure. That’s why you must know that as of September 1, 2020, browsers are no longer displaying SSL certificates of 13 months or longer. That’s because encryption methods are changing very quickly today. 

How to monitor SSL certificate and domain name validity?

These days, inaccessibility of websites due to overdue validation of a domain name or SSL certificate is very common. Moreover, both large corporations and small firms are not immune to it. Domain names’ and SSL certificates’ registers must inform customers about expiration dates and the need for renewal.

However, as practice shows, this does not rule out problems. Often this is due to the fact that the notifications are spammed or the responsible employee does not pay attention to them. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure to monitor their validity period.

How not to miss the SSL and domain renewal deadline?

If you want to be as insured as possible against this kind of problems – use automated checks with notifications. For example, you can opt in for HostTracker monitoring service which has the best approach to this functionality. Service will inform you in time about the need to extend your website’s domain name by any means available – from SMS to messages in Telegram. 

How to monitor SSL and domain renewal deadline?

SSL certificate expiration monitoring at HostTracker works similarly to domain validity monitoring. But you can configure this service’s functionality in several modes. For example, you can set it up so that it will inform a website owner 30, 7 or 1 days before the certificate registration expiration date. And if the certificate has expired, this system will send a notification to a website owner. And it will resend it everyday until the SSL renewal.

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